Thank you all

I just want to thank you for your awesome support, incredible feedback and kind words. I am working to take to a next level. In a couple of days some changes will be released to make this site more friendly.

You won’t need your email to download the themes. Just click & download. Also, we are working to partner with other designers willing to contribute with their designs. Always trying to keep the premise: Quality Free Themes.

That’s it, short & sweet. Happy New Year to all! See you soon!


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  1. I am using components of your themes. It has been an amazing way to learn web design, instead of trying to read a book about it, very high quality. This is probably ridiculous to mention, but have you ever thought of doing the same thing for foundation 5. There is not a lot of high quality free templates out there, Thanks for the amazing work, it helps more than you know.

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m happy to know that I can help you with my themes. That’s the idea.
      Regarding design themes using Foundation, is not on my plans right now. I feel bootstrap community is awesome and much participative than others. I love create things on Bootstrap because there are tons of people willing to help you and develop new things with your work.

      Thanks for your comments. Good Look.

      • Hi Carlos. Thanks for these great themes. I’ve got a question – Can I convert your themes into WordPress themes and release them for free? If yes, should I keep it under the current theme name or can I change it? Thanks again!

        • Carlos Alvarez


          We have some themes converted to WP almost ready to release. Some other themes are for sale. However, send me an email pointing which theme are you interested in convert, and if it is not used by us, you can convert it and share it. Also, we will share your theme in this page too. Thanks.

  2. Hi!

    I appreciate your work here. I offer my free help. I am Software Developer, focused on Web Development. Write to me if your are interested in.

    Best regards 🙂

  3. Hi!

    Excellent Work… is amazing.

    I am developer, focused on Software Development specialist language PHP and using Database MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Write me if you ever need help.


  4. Rosana

    Hi Carlos, I’m learning a lot with your free html many thanks for sharing this!… it is amazingly beautiful. I’m working on re-designing some html and convert into php for use it in WP. I have a very beginner question as I’m new with this, I can’t find the way to setup properly the form-control you have in the Flatty themes. I’m reading a lot of bootstrap and mailchimp and feel maybe is something easy but can’t find it please let me know if you can advice me in this. Thanks in advance and of course will be my pleasure to contribute with your site.

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Rosana, thank you so much for your kind words.

      The forms included are not functional. As you mentioned, there are so many options to use your forms, like mailchimp or direct email services provided by your hosting. If you are interested in configure these forms with the basic option (receive in you email the information provided by the user filling the form) you need to create a php file and do some modifications. Please, take a look at this site: – There you have a deep explanation and also you can download the files to use in your form. Thanks.

      • Rosana

        Thank you so much Carlos!!! I found out with mailchimp and setup some js thanks for the link as well.

        I’m also wondering I would like to work and modify your theme named FLATO… I really liked as it have all in one page and perfect for one of my projects, BUT I really need it in PHP to WordPress. Can you let me know if you already have it in WP? Many thanks in advance

        • Carlos Alvarez

          Hi Rosana, This theme is not converted to WP yet. I have plans to do that, but not a current schedule right now. Thanks.

  5. jason

    Hey Carlos thanks for the awesome themes! I put in my email but and click the download button, but I never get the email with the download link. I’ve checked my spam folder and nothing there. Any ideas?

    • Carlos Alvarez


      Try with other Mail account.
      iCloud, and live has problems.

  6. jason

    Thanks Carlos, gmail worked like a charm!

  7. Hi Carlos, thank you for sharing such awsome templates for free. Didnt know such things even existed for free. I am gonna use your template for my website for sure. Amazing work…. Keep it up. Best Wishes..

  8. parash


    I am working on a project that compares rendering performance of web pages. It can also compare the rendering performance of the various themes you are working on. Do you think that is something you would be interested in ?

  9. I’ve been using bits and bobs from most of your templates. It’s always nice to have a nice, quick route to an end result. Good work and thanks a million.

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Glad you like it! That’s the idea! Use whatever you need to build your site, fast & easy. Thanks!

  10. Naren

    Hi Carlos,

    Really all themes are nice and cool. So, I would like thanks to you for your outstanding effort.

    Thank You.

  11. Leo

    Your designs are very awesome. Cheers!

  12. Thompson Edolo

    Your themes are absolutely fabulous!!! I’m integrating them to my rails apps by default and I’ll even want to make rails themes off them.

    That said, I’ll love to see you try out some more dashboard themes.

    Thanks for sharing your efforts with us.

  13. E

    Hey Carlos,

    The best Bootstrap themes I’ve seen around the world.

    Bless to have found your site.

    Thank you!