Sumo Landing – HTML & WordPress Landing Page

Theme Information

Framework Used: Bootstrap 3.3.1

Sumo Landing is a beautiful one page theme created by LandingSumo. Fresh, well crafted and good looking, is ideal for your app page.

Sumo Landing also comes with their WordPress version crafted by GentsThemes. It’s totally free and you can download it from here right now!


Try It: Live Demo

Download HTML Version

Download WordPress Version


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  1. Mike

    “start” is missing the first t.

    I love blacktie – thanks for everything you do!

  2. William

    Another awesome theme! Thank you alot Carlos 🙂

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  5. Clark

    I have 2 sites I’ve created – using the SHIELD theme and and using Sumo Landing. How do I get the header background images to be responsive?


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  7. Francesco

    How can I add more icon (e.g. meetup, telegram etc.)?

    • Hello :)

      Thanks for the inquiry! You can use any icon web font you’d like – Just follow their instructions on how to include it on a site – some use a CDN, some would rather you save the font in the site’s font directory and reference it in your CSS. 🙂 Let me know if you need further help! – BlackTie

  8. Hiweb

    The input field is bugged for me: the font color is white !
    Adding “color: #333” to .subscribe-input in the css fixed it.

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  10. Tomas

    Hi, there,
    how can i make submit button work? Like showing an popup with succesfull sign up would be enough.


  11. Eduardo

    The register area in the HTML5 version is not working. There is not the register.php file. Can you help me?

    • Hello :)

      Hi Eduardo,

      Thanks for downloading! Sumo Landing only provides the landing page in the free download. You can create another page in HTML or on WordPress to satisfy your needs and we’re sure there is a plugin that can do most of the work of registration for you!