Stanley – Freelancer Theme

Framework Used: Bootstrap 3.0.3

Stanley is a really simple theme for those wanting to showcase their work with a cute & clean style.

Dribbble shots used in this theme are from the awesome designer David Creighton-Pester

WordPress Theme Available

Thanks to GentsThemes now STANLEY have their WordPress version available totally free.

WordPress Theme Information: Click here


Drupal Theme Available

Thanks to Arshad Chummun now STANLEY have their Drupal version available totally free.

Drupal Theme Information: Click Here


Tumblr Theme Available

Thanks to Soumyabrata Ghosh now STANLEY have their Tumblr version available totally free.

Tumblr Theme Information: Click here


stanley700Try It: Live Demo

Download Now (Only the HTML+CSS version. For the other versions, click the appropriate link above.)


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  1. Nick

    Your amazing! these themes are really nice! Are these free for commercial use?

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  3. Jaison Saji

    cool template! really nice. Thanks for providing it free.

  4. andre

    clean not overloaded design!
    thank you for showing the way ))

  5. frankie

    Is this a wordpress theme or just an html template? All the files are html. Do i need to convert them myself?

    • Here ate the bottom of the post you can download the HTML+CSS version. On the top of this section, you have the links to the Drupal & WordPress versions.


  6. Alireza

    Thanks dear Carlos. i have to translate this template to RTL for using in Persian lang. if you wanted i can send it to you 🙂

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  8. Ebrahim

    Thanks a lot man! Just Great and clean theme.!!

  9. Hi there,

    Please, check another browser or your security options. The link works fine, your are having other issues. Please, try again and let me know. Thanks.

  10. Lloyd

    I got error when installing the theme:

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

    • Lloyd,

      The theme here is an HTML+CSS version, not compatible with WordPress. If you want to download the WordPress version, please, check the link below the title “WordPress Theme Information”. There you have the links to the WP theme. Thanks.

        • Hi, I just tested without a problem. We have around 6000 downloads and only a few have this problem. Don’t know how to help you. Which version are you using of WP?

          • Ollie

            Hi guys,

            You need to extract the first .zip file. There is another .zip file inside which you upload to WordPress. I had the same issue…

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  12. frankie

    Any one having issues with images not loading, then loading after refreshing?
    At times my portfolio images on the home page and portfolio page do not show up.( only the text is displayed )
    but if i refresh, some of them show up. Carlos, any possible solutions?

    • Janet gold

      I am having the exact same issue. I have installed, and reinstalled, then deleted and created new content, read the documentation…cannot find the answer.

      • Renato Vieira

        style.css line 155 – .zoom img { display: block; }
        loses fade effect

  13. soulmatt

    thank you so much for your free theme!

  14. J.Gold

    Hi, thanks for the great theme. I’m having the same problem as another user – everytime I add a new portfolio piece, the image/link doesn’t always show up – just the title of the piece unless I refresh, and even then not always. I’ve reviewed the documentation screenshots. Any thoughts why that’s happening or how to set up correctly?

    • Hi, I will work with a fix as soon as possible. I am aware of the problem. I will let you know when the issue be solved.


    • frankie

      Did you discover any possible solutions to this problem on your own?

      • Hi Frankie, the new version of the theme is available for download. Should work fine now. Thanks.

        • frankie

          Thanks Carlos,
          Was it something in the Java script i can mess with?
          I played around with it quite a bit and if possible would like to troubleshoot it rather than upload the new version. maybe just some instructions

  15. Judi

    Excited to use the new theme but the WP install failed to upload. Error says “The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

    Any rememdies?

    • Judi

      By the way, I was referring to the “” file which I assume is WordPress.

      • Judi, you should first unzip that package. This zip file contains 2 other zips, one is the theme and the other is the documentation. Thanks.

  16. Adam

    First: love your work.
    Second: I have some issues with the hover.zoom.js effect. My pictures resize and get bigger on hover but do not resize back again (work.html). Any suggestions how I may proceed?

    • Peter

      I had the same problem and had to write a fix for it. It’s hacky but works for my problem area.

      In hz.hover, (line 40), re-write the height var
      height = $(‘img’).height();

      and then, in the second function call in hz.hover, around line 55, I changed
      { duration: s.speed,
      done: function () {

      That got rid of my problems

  17. Sinh Pham

    I love all your themes, really really love theme ,
    Can i use it, extend, custom for my commercial.
    You make me inspriation.
    Thank you so muck,

    • Yes of course. Please, read the “About Themes” page to know more about the license. thanks.

  18. dani

    Amazing theme, very usefull?
    Is there an easy to add a menu filter on works page? Thanks!

    • Most of the portfolio themes uses Isotope Javascript to add the filter property to the images. Maybe you can check for a tutorial or a simple guide to implement this to the theme.


  19. Kevin Behringer

    I love this theme. Thank you so much for creating it!

    Is there a way to remove the post author image from the posts, though? I would prefer to just have the post title and date.

    Thanks again!

    • Kevin, is quite easy remove the image, is just a paragraph containing the image and the name. Just remove that paragraph and done!

      • Kevin Behringer

        Thanks for the reply!

        I thought I found the section to remove in the blog post template file, but when I did, it didn’t remove the image.

        Any tips as to where the section to remove is?


        • Kevin, in the file blog01.html you can find a commented line: +++++Post++++

          That is the begin of the post code, inside that section, find the paragraph with the reference of the image: assets/img/user.png. Remove that paragraph and done, you won’t see the user image in your post.


          • Kevin Behringer

            I’m so sorry to keep bothering you with this! Is that file in the WordPress Appearance Editor (where it lists all the function, style, etc files)? I’m not seeing a file named blog01.html in there, so I’m not sure where to edit it out so the image doesnt’ show up on any post.

            Thanks for all your help,

          • I see the problem, here you report the issues with the HTML theme, I assume that you talked abut that theme. The wordpress version was developed by GentsThemes. Please, use the proper contact channels to obtain support. Thanks.

          • Kevin Behringer

            Whoops, sorry!

  20. joel

    hey there! at first, thank you for that awesome theme! but how could i set up the contact form so that it will work for me? should i set up an php file or something like that? thx for answering!

  21. Mike

    Iwant this bootstrap template

  22. Stefano

    This template is simple, fast and very elegant I love it.

    I’m only encountering one issue. Quite often, around one out of three times when I browse between the pages, the portfolio thumbnails don’t show up, only the titles; then I refresh and everything is back to normality.

    What could it be? I have no clue. And I hope it’s just me!
    Give it a try here!

    Thanks for the great work again.

    • Hi Stefano, thank you so much for your comment.

      YEs, was a known problem. I updated the theme and made some changes. Did you download the theme recently?
      The demo version is updated too, please give it a try and let me know if you find something wrong.


      • Stefano

        Thanks for the reply Carlos. Unfortunately I have in fact checked, and the version I have in stalled is the 3.0.3, which appears to be the latest.
        Latest wp version too.
        I really have no idea. I’ll try to vary the image’s format and size.

        • Stefano,
          The solution was applied to the HTML+CSS version only. The WordPress version still have the problem. I think we can update this soon. Is not the image size or the format the problem. Thanks.

  23. Wes

    Great theme Carlos! I have noticed that all your themes are not displaying correctly on my Windows phone. Nothing wrong with your code but I believe its the size of the browser as its 371 X 619. For example on this theme it cuts off half of the face and then allows you to scroll over however not all the helper classes like “mt” fill the screen. Have you seen this before and is there a way to fix it.

    • Hi, thanks for your comments. Could you please give me the details of your phone (model, browser used, etc)?
      The resolution shouldn’t be a problem. Some themes may be could display a rare behavior, but most of them must work. Let me know, and I will try to understand what is the problem.

      • Wes

        Thanks for following up but I believe I found the answer on the Bootstrap site. I’m using IE on Windows Phone so I added the following CSS and JS to the theme and it worked. It seems that on Windows Phone it still thinks the theme is on a desktop so it doesn’t display correctly. The fix below will work.

        @-webkit-viewport { width: device-width; }
        @-moz-viewport { width: device-width; }
        @-ms-viewport { width: device-width; }
        @-o-viewport { width: device-width; }
        @viewport { width: device-width; }

        if (navigator.userAgent.match(/IEMobile/10.0/)) {
        var msViewportStyle = document.createElement(‘style’)

  24. Stefano

    First of all I wanted to congratulate with Carlos for the template. It works great.
    Has anyone ever experienced an issue with the portfolio thumbnails not loading properly all the times? Related to the wp version.
    Thank you!

    • Stefano

      I’m sorry Carlos I see just now you’ve kindly replied already. I’ll look up for the new version. Sorry!

  25. Sahil Mehta

    Nice Theme. I really liked it. Thanks 🙂

  26. Steve

    Thank you for the amazing templates.
    I installed Stanley tumblr theme. The only small glitch is that the youtube video posts are not responsive.

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  28. Chris

    great theme. really love the clean look.

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  31. Dargas

    Many thanks for the template.
    This is a great template and it looked for a long time.

  32. Scott

    Great theme. Well done.

    One big issue… I am using the most recent WordPress version and thumbnails are not displaying. They do load after refresh, but not initially. I see others have had the same problem. Has the WordPress version been updated with a fix? If it hasn’t, can you elaborate on what the problem was with the non-WP version so I can take a crack at it?


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  34. Zako

    Love this theme. Thanks Carlos.

    The graphic illustration of the portfolios, did you do them yourselves? I’m wondering where I can some custom ones done for my website. Really like the concept.

  35. Mark

    Am I right in thinking that Stanley WP theme doesn’t come with any pages or layout preset?

  36. The One True b!X

    Anyone have a fix for the weird gap that happens between .row elements on narrower device widths (e.g. on mobile)? You can see it in the demo, in the portfolio. When everything collapses to a single column, you’d think you’d want all the spacing between portfolio items to be there same, but there’s extra spacing between rows which sort of throws that off.


  37. Peter Fleck

    I’m using the StanleyWP theme at I’d like to add commenting on some pages and it looks like that is only enabled on blog posts?


    Peter Fleck

    • Peter Fleck

      I figured out how to add the code to enable comments on pages.

      • tel

        Can you tell me how you got this done? I can’t get comments working anywhere.

        • Peter Fleck

          Put that in page.php right before the ‘footer’ element. (In your child theme of course.) Then I had to add some css to get it to left align.

          • Peter Fleck

            Hmm. It dropped my code. So wrap this in php brackets.

            comments_template( ”, true )

            Put that in page.php right before the ‘footer’ element. (In your child theme of course.) Then I had to add some css to get it to left align.

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  39. AV


    Is there a way to “sort” the portfolio? I am looking to be able to control how the portfolio appears (outputs) aside from it’s default action of sorting by creation date. By default, the portfolio displays to page in the order of which portfolio was created first in the back end.

    Thank you so much!

    • charx

      you can reorder items by changing the publish date of your portfolio items

  40. Aya

    Curious if there is a way to control the way the portfolio displays any of the works added?
    It seems that it can only sort by in a ‘default’ manner by date that the project is created in the portfolio (from oldest created to newest created).

    Thanks a bunch!

  41. Max Henry

    I love this theme! Only thing is I can’t get the hover function to work properly. Anyone else having similar issues?

  42. Kara


    Thanks for sharing this template! Could you tell me how to get rid of the related or similar posts that appear as a footer under a post?

    I look forward to your response.

  43. guytoon

    Thanks Guys! I would like to re-create the gallery you have on the home page. What plug in did you use?

  44. Tomhiro

    Thanks for your providing freely !

  45. Help me

    Hi I’m new to this. Everytime I upload my edited version of the bootstrap theme to google drive or any other cloud service, it uploads without the CSS/Jquery. So I get just a white background and text.

    How can I fix this?

  46. Brett

    This problem with the WP theme and the folio images STILL exists. This is very annoying as I have just spend several hours tweaking this theme only to find it is TOTALLY unusable!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please fix this…cause this theme rules otherwise.

    • Bob

      This worked for me on the WP theme; In style.css in Theme Editor where it says PORTFOLIO IMAGES HOVER EFFECT wrap everything in @media (min-width: 768px) { … }. Also I removed .zoom img { display: none; }.
      This way the effect does not get loaded on smaller screen sizes i.e. mobile.

      /* ================== PORTFOLIO IMAGES HOVER EFFECT ================== */
      /* Effects also are controled by hover.zoom.js */
      @media (min-width: 768px) {
      .zoom {background: transparent url(images/loader.gif) no-repeat center; display: block; overflow: hidden;position: relative;}
      .zoomOverlay {background-image: url(images/zoom.png); background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; bottom: 0; display: none; left: 0; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0;}
      .zoom2 { opacity: 1; }
      .zoom2:hover { opacity: 0.5; }

  47. Sam Marks

    Hi Carlos – I really like the theme and I’ve managed to customise the look n feel to suit my brand but Im having one small issue that I hope you might be able to assist with?

    On this page it only shows 10 portfolio items despite there being more than 10. Is there a way to modify this to display more?

    Many thanks

  48. Merwyn

    Hi, i’m trying to make a website white this template but it’s all encrypted. Can you help me ?

  49. Chris

    I need a little help. I’ve altered the background color of the body in main.css, but the about.php and main.php still display white backgrounds. How to I change the color of the background being displayed?

  50. martijn

    Awesome theme! Love it!

    One thing that keeps buggering me though … Within the blog template I can’t seem to get the comments sections switched on & I don’t understand why my post title is not a link?

    Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks again,

  51. David


    Regarding the Stanley WP theme: I can’t change the color for the zoom-overlay on portfolio thumbs. I did try changing the color code in hover.zoom.js (var defaults = {overlayColor: ‘#ff0201’), but no success. Oddly enough, when I enter #000000, the thumb is not displayed altogether.

    Any suggestions?


    • Alastair Stewart

      Hi David,

      I had the same issue and fixed it by also entering the Hex colour in the “backgroundColor: ” field 21 lines after the {overlayColor: ‘#’), default element in the hover.zoom.js file you mentioned above.

      Here is my code how with the last line being the gem that fixed it. I hope it helps:



      hoverZoom: function(settings) {

      var defaults = {
      overlay: true,
      overlayColor: ‘#858585’,
      overlayOpacity: 0.9,
      zoom: 25,
      speed: 300

      var settings = $.extend(defaults, settings);

      return this.each(function() {

      var s = settings;
      var hz = $(this);
      var image = $(‘img’, hz);

      image.load(function() {

      if(s.overlay === true) {
      display: ‘block’,
      backgroundColor: ‘#858585’

  52. Martin

    Will there be an update to Bootstrap 3.3.4?

  53. hiroki

    I use the Google translation. So might English funny. This is your menu where you saw the template in Android is not to react. Therefore, it is not possible to switch pages. Please correct

  54. Daniel

    Hey. Awesome theme, really appreciate it. However, is there any way to change the with of the portfolio projects? Right now I’m really having problems with it and in full screen every post looks so slim (555px wide). When I make the browser window smaller(!), the width gets wider, first 720px then right after that 975px and images starts floating next to eachother (the way I want it – but this only works with a particular browser size).

    Hope my explanation is not to fuzzy and that someone could help me with this! Feels like I’ve tried and looked everywhere!

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  56. Paul

    Hello, thanks for your theme! When I use the HTML+CSS version, when I try to view the site on mobile, there is no menu in the navbar. I have redownloaded the files and the error replicates. Please help!

  57. Rick


    Thank you for the template! I understood it to be responsive. It does not seem to be so for me. It is NOT mobile friendly according to Google. And it does not fit my iPhone automatically.

    What do I need to do? It is only a one-page site now, though I am intending to expand it. It is just a static home page.

    Thanks for your help!



  58. farzane

    it’s wonderful! thanks a lot 🙂

  59. Mark

    Hi Carlos, I’m using your Stanley theme, its great and really suits my website I’m having trouble getting the comments form to work though. I’ve tried pointing it to a php form processor that I used in my old website and it works but email fields are missing and I just can’t get them to appear. What do I need to do to get the form to work in its original state?

    Many thanks


    • Mark

      I found a php form that worked on my site but couldn’t find one that worked with your fields so had to change them but still looks and works fine. Thanks for the use of your template. Mark

  60. Matt


    A quick question and query. I’m using the Stanley theme and on the index page there are 6 blocks that you can use display content. In the hover.zoom.conf.js file there are 5 colours that can be used to overlay (zoom) your chosen content. Blue, Green, Pink, Black, Alizarin. Never heard off that colour before, I had to Google it.

    What I am trying to do is add another colour, a sixth colour so that each block on the index page can have it own colour to highlight my work. It this easily done?

    I tried adding to the file, to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. (Below).



    overlayColor: ‘#FFD800’,
    zoom: 0

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  62. Carolina

    I have a problem with a certain function of the theme stanley wp. It turns out the dropdown menu does not work on iPads and ipadmini.
    Can you help me?
    From already thank you very much, NC

    • Thank you for your comment – I appreciate the feedback. This is actually an issue I’m currently working on and will hopefully rectify swiftly.

  63. Jason Watmore

    Thanks for the theme Carlos, I’ve been using a slightly modified version on my blog for a while now and really like it, you can check it out at

    • blogger

      thanks for sharing great info

  64. cena

    just saw your theme.its very simple and responsive.
    can you please help me,can you show how to remove author,date,comments in posts.

  65. Emily

    How do you change the font and background colours as well as the font????

    • Hello :)

      You should be able to edit the CSS under the Appearance tab on your dashboard to make all those changes.

      • Dave

        Do I just change all appearances of #1abc9c (turquoise) to the color I want or am I missing something elsewhere b/c that didn’t seem to work.


        • Hello :)


          Yes you should be able to change instances of #1abc9c in main.css to any hex color you like. Specifically the background-color in the navbar-inverse class and the color for all anchor (a) elements are two instances where a simple color change should work.

  66. Jordan

    Thank you so much for this!

    Is there a way that I can make the navbar float on the page as you scroll?

    Would be really appreciated but otherwise this is awesome 🙂

    • Hello :)


      Yes, you can absolutely do this! If you go into the CSS under Appearance and Editor in the side menu, you can access the code where you need to make changes. The easiest way I was able to make this change was to go to the .navbar-inverse class and add position: fixed; width: 100%;. This will make your navbar float like you want. Once you’ve made this change you can also change the class #ww selector padding-top from 70px to 250px or so. This way you can bump the rest of the content on the screen down to see it. Let us know if you have any more questions!


      • Jordan

        Amazing thank you! It didn’t work on the work, blog or contact pages – do you have a quick fix for that too?

        • Hello :)

          Hmm, I see what you’re saying. You could try making a new CSS class for the padding-top selector. Set it to around 150 px, remove the one you put in #ww and then add that class to the first div of content in the body on each page’s HTML.

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  68. matt

    anyone know how to fix the footer on the portfolio page? The footer is inside of the wrapper… I think the html of each portfolio item is bad.

    This is regarding the wordpress theme.

    • Hello :)

      Sorry to hear that. You should be able to move the footer code outside of the wrapper if you edit the footer.php file under Appearance>Editor. Just be sure to be careful you don’t delete anything else!