Spot – Freelance & Agency Theme

Framework Used: Bootstrap 3.0.1

Spot is flat & handsome theme. Designed for freelancers or small agencies, Spot looks awesome in your browser or mobile device. It comes with cool stuff like charts, pricing tables, font awesome 4.0 and more.

Now, WordPress Version Available

With the great collaboration of GentsThemes, now you can get the WP version of this awesome theme. Grab it here!


Try It: Live Demo

Download Now


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  1. daniel

    Nicely done…

    by the way, in my chrome browser version 30, not able to check in the check box above….

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Ok, It seems an error of the script. Don’t worry. If you are interested in receiving notifications, just click twice box, and your email will be added to the newsletter option. Thanks for your information.

      • Kartik Singh

        Is it possible for us to get the LESS files.

        • Carlos Alvarez

          Sorry Kartik, I have only CSS files. No LESS no SASS.

  2. Alan


    great theme, and downloaded.

    Any reason the Theme doesn’t have a H1 tag?

    Keep up the excellent work.

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi, Thanks for your kind words.

      I don’t understand your question. The themes has H1 tags. As you can see the main title is a H1 tag.

  3. Thanks for sharing. Really nice work. More or less the same quality as other expensive themes. Don’t stop creating.

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  6. Mark

    Great themes.
    When testing on iPhone 5, there is a white margin or padding on the right.
    I see this in the rest of the themes too.
    Is it possible that on mobile devices the theme will take the complete width without the white strip on the right?


    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Mark,

      The padding is provided by the tag container from Bootstrap.css file. If you want to remove this space, you need to modify the @media query and change padding-right 15px; to 0px.

      Spacing is important on mobile devices. Sometimes it is difficult to read if the characters are narrow to the edges of the phone.

      Thanks for your kind words.

      • Mark

        Hi Carlos,

        I’m not sure we are talking about the same padding.
        When I’m looking at the spot demo in landscape mode on my iPhone it looks great. The image and the rest of the main divs stretch to fill the full width.

        When rotating the phone to portrait mode, there is a white strip on the right, starting from the image in the header and going all the way down.
        I agree that spacing is important but the image in the header, for example should stretch to the full width and have padding instead of white margin on the right.

        Is it possible to make the theme look in portrait mode the same as in landscape mode?


        • Carlos Alvarez


          I tested the site with my iPhone 5s. I see what you mean. The white padding is a problem with the main title. It is not configured to be smaller on the portrait view. I Will fix this soon. You can do it changing the font size of the title.

          Thanks for reporting this.

          • nick


            Thank you for what you are doing. Great stuff. Have you made any headway on this issue of the white bar on the right side during mobile experience with SPOT? I have been unable to resolve on my own, even following your advice. Thank you,
            – Nick

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  8. Julian


    Very cool themes! This one is my favorite.

    Any way of making the navbar static and transparent while having the headerwrap image show through?

    Thank you.

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Julian,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Yes, you can do some changes to achieve what you need:

      1 – Remove in your html the property “navbar-fixed-top”. Now, your topbar will be static.
      2 – Remove from your main.css file, in your body tag, the property “margin-top: 70px” – Now you have your topbar at very top of the page.
      3 – In your main.css file, locate the .navbar-inverse class (line 92). change the background color to transparent.

      Play around with the other .navbar-inverse properties to change the font color and more.

      Good Luck!

  9. Sheila

    I seem to be having a brain fart: I’ve been researching for days but can’t find the collapsible menu fix for Android, wherein the menu doesn’t function (not even the toggle button) unless the surfer is at the top of the page. The page is SUPER simple at present (more interesting elements to come), however it’s a single page site, meaning the nav elements merely link to divs/anchors lower down the same page. I write my own html and can understand that aspect (usually :-), however I am at a loss when it comes to reading/understanding, much less fixing/writing, scripts. Could you help me with the fix? Testing page is at (i hope it’s not a mess; I’ve been trying so many things… My original attempt is at The “testing2.html” file uses the latest boostrap.js file; the other uses what came with your template download) Thanks!

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Sheila,

      Sorry, but I am confused with your problem. Your page is not working on an Android device? That’s it?

      I checked your site and it works fine to me. So that is why I ask. I tested on my iphone, ipad, a Mac and a Windows machine. I do not have an Android phone. Please, confirm what is your issue, so I can try to work on it.


      • Sheila

        Yes, the issue is with Andoid devices only: It’s as if the menu freezes — in the open position — after being clicked. Works fine if the links in the collapsible menu jump the viewer to a new page rather than an anchor/div on the same page, and even works if, after clicking on a link (scrolls down the page to the div), I manually scroll back to the top: Then I can click the toggle to again close the menu. Bootstrap supposedly fixed the Android issues with the latest release, but obviously even after I load the new js and even the new basic bootstrap.css (which I edit some but only for the colors, not functionality). Doesn’t cure the problem. Any idea who I can ask for a solution? I’ve tried what was listed within Github, but either I mis-edited the js (I’ve now reinstalled the original) or the instructions are faulty/old.

        • Sheila

          The Bootstrap theme Munter has same-page nav functionality, but frankly there’s so much extra stuff going on in that theme that when I tried to strip out all the excess (not to mention add a logo), I lost functionality. Guess i need to try again…

          • Carlos Alvarez


            Thanks for let me know this issue. I will try to work with this as soon as possible. I have your email, so I will contact you personally If I have any advance on this.

            Can you please tell me which Android Version are you using?


  10. Sheila

    The device I can’t seem to get to handle collapsible menus with same-page destinations is an HTC Ev0 4G; according to its running Android Browser on Android Mobile v2.3. As you say, iPad (2 and abvove), iPhone, Mac, Pc, testing all seems good. Ironically, I tried your template for this simple site because I was having the same nav issues with a from-scratch (from Golden Grid min) site I just wrote (testing at I used smoothScroll for those same-page animations, and the supposed fix for Android devices is at the end of each page’s code, only it doesn’t fix the problem, unfortunately (perhaps I have the nav name wrong in the js?), so I thought I’d try using more of a prebuilt template from mobile-first Bootstrap for this simpler site. Oh, well 🙂 Again, the Munter Bootstrap theme works on the HTC — but such weird nav coding: I can’t find reasoning for it in any of my research and fear it doesn’t degrade well and so don’t want to use it except as a last resort. I take it I can change browsers on my HTC if I want to, however I bought that device specifically for this type of testing and so want it at its defaults.

    • Sheila

      FYI, so I can launch the site (on the real server, not my testing server), I’ve currently (Dec 6 @ 8:15 AM PST) hidden the navigation-collapsible on Android devices. You’ll need to remove the script at the end of the page to again show the nav on all devices.

      • Carlos Alvarez

        Thanks for the update.

        I been working a little with this issue, but with no luck. Please, send me an email directly if you found the solution or have any new update.


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  13. Elodie

    Hello, I downloaded this theme and I am trying to add a search bar in the navbar next to the logo on the left hand-side and I am having issues doing it. Any tips on how I could have it display well ?
    Thank you so much!

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Elodie,

      Please, add a link to your page so I can check the code you are using. I can’t help you much without knowing your code.

      Please, also refer to the bootstrap documentation to ensure you are using the proper code line:

      You can email me if you don’t want to share publicly your site. Thanks.

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  15. Mio

    This is just what I have been looking for!
    Thank you =)

  16. jorge

    When I have tried to install both wordpress themes I got this error
    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    The version of my wordpress is 3.8.1 any idea of what is happening?

    Thanks in advance

    • Please, read carefully, this is not a WP version. This theme is only a HTML+CSS version. The WP version is hosted in other place. Please follow the proper link to see the specifications. Thanks.

      • Mark Boudreau


        Excuse my ignorance but where can I buy the WordPress version of this theme? I love the flat design and this will work well for one of my projects. I am relatively experienced with WordPress but have only ever used pre-made WP themes which is why I am asking. Thanks!

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  20. Joseph

    Hi there, great theme – thanks so much!

    Just one thing that is really bugging me and I can’t figure out.

    How would I change the color of the link when hovered over in the navbar? Currently it turns white when you hover over it, and I can’t seem to change it! I’ve tried absolutely everything I can think of and still can’t work it out.

    Thank you for any help and thanks again for the fantastic theme.

    • Joseph

      Whoops, I figured it out, it was just me being silly. I needed to look at the code in the bootstrap.css file rather than main.css. Thanks anyway and thanks again for the theme 🙂

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  22. Mohammed

    I have downloaded the archive file and its asking Password and Keyfile, Can you help me on this?


      • Mohammed

        I have tried other downloads too. Whatever I download from your site, it asking for password and key file. Can you help me on this?


        • Mohammed

          I can download the the file. While I try to extract the file, its asking for the password.

  23. Aaron

    Hello and good afternoon

    Nice work, but can you help me,, i cant seem to change the spot logo on the top left.. I feel slightly stupid at the moment as i know it is simple and in front of me..

    • Jonathan

      Did you ever figure this out? I am trying to figure out the same thing now.

      • Tim Nicholson

        Its not a logo per se. Its a text link, but with a font-awesome icon embedded in it for the red circle. You have to change the HTML on the page. The current code is this:
        Just change that to either plain text or if you want to include icons look at the codes on

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  26. Marin

    Hi Carlos, the theme is great, thank you very much for making it available. I’m not very proficient in debugging things so I hope you can help me. Somehow I lost navbar animation. The little bar doesn’t move to a selected menu item. The page scrolls properly to that slide but animated bar in navbar stays at Home. Also, navbar doesn’t go into inverse mode as well. I have been editing content but I don’t remember touching anything about navbar and that’s why I can’t figure out what happened. I added one more slide and one more menu item and I remember it working fine but then somehow I lost navbar animation.

  27. Tim Nicholson

    Thanks again, Carlos, for such an awesome website design and for releasing it for free. I’ve created a WordPress theme for it that is now approved and available for free download from the directory. You can check it out here and the link to download it is on that page as well.

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  30. Romain

    Super theme merci et encore beau travail! 😉

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  40. Lee Cornell

    Hi CARLOS,
    Used and modified the free SPOT version… but may need to adapt what I’ve created using your excellent free template as a base, to WORDPRESS.
    Can I:
    1. Export my modified version of the free version into WP?
    2. Or do I have to grab the premium WP/GENTS version?

    As I’ve added and revised code, and lay-out, will I still be able to export it to WP?


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