Solid – Multipurpose Theme

Theme Information

Framework Used: Bootstrap 3.1.1

Solid is a 7 pages theme ideal for web agencies and freelancers. Uses Font Awesome, Masonry Javascript, PrettyPhoto lightbox and nice hover effects thanks Codrops. Theme includes the Retina.js to work nice with retina display devices.


Update: August 3. Now you have the opportunity to grab our WordPress version thanks to GentsThemes. Take a look here: Solid WordPress Version


Try It: Live Demo

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  1. Rajan Maharjan

    Awesome Design! Thanks Carlos. Yet another beautiful piece from you.

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  3. Lykadoodles

    Hurlooo! I love your site! Thanks a lot for sharing this to us. Kudos!

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  6. ServCinc

    Thank you so much for this theme! I love the way the code is organized and commented!

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  8. Pierre Baron

    A nice theme.

    But some improvements can be made on the CSS. Here are my propositions :

    1. Use the variables.less file, it will reduce the custom CSS
    2. Too much precise selectors, so we cannot reuse components. Think of your CSS as components, and your classes should have only one responsability.

    These two improvements will help other to customize this awesome theme !

  9. Rifat

    The preview is not working 🙁

  10. Lester

    Can i ask? how to make this wordpress theme ?

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  12. abhi

    Awesome theme. thanks for sharing. I have created a Mezzanine(CMS) theme based on your template. can I give it away for free?

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  15. Javier

    The best I’ve seen lately…

    When in wordpress???


  16. Adam

    Hi, The download link doesn’t seem to be working at present…


  17. Eli Allen

    This has been by far my favorite HTML theme, I’m going to be moving my site to WordPress due for content management purposes. If you ever finish a WP theme, I’d love to know about it. Heck, I’d even pay for it. Keep up the good work!

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    • Nick

      Hey, I would like to use your jekyll port but there is no license specified in the repository so I am not sure how i am allowed to use it. Could you please add a license?
      Thank you!

  19. Jay

    Hey Carlos,

    Great work, love the theme!

    The download is missing the modernizr.js file that should be located in the “/solid/theme/assets/js/” directory.

    Could you re-upload or let me know where I could get it from?


  20. Johan Henkens

    Just thought I’d comment that the “closing tag” HTML “comments” you have are invalid HTML syntax. I ported the theme for a Rails project I am working on, and that gave me some load errors during testing till I realized that “” needed to be “” (no space after ‘!’).

  21. Ricardo Vitorino

    Hey guys, great work!

    Would love to use this theme on a Tumblr blog, could you guys create a version for it?


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  23. Anders

    lol, it looks like premium theme from themeforest named Renova. 😉

  24. christian

    Hello. Thank you for this excellent topic. I wonder how I can increase rows of projects.

    thank you very much

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  27. Hiro

    Hello! I was wondering, what must I do to place the menu to be placed in the center instead of right side ?

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  29. Dennis

    Wow. Incredible design’s you have here.

  30. Joseph Dada

    I can’t upload the theme to wordpress, I get an error saying there is no css stylesheet, I’ve checked the index .html, I’ve checked the assets folder. There is a stylesheet. I then tried to upload the file by taking the theme folder changing it to a zip file and uploading the file. It still didn’t work so I went to move the css file out of the assets folder into the themes file on it’s own and change the links from to
    and so on. I re-uploaded it and it still cant find the css stylesheet. I need help.

    • Hello :)

      Thanks for your comment. This theme is not a WordPress theme. It’s built with Bootstrap, and is created in HTML/CSS, however it’s not been “WordPressified.” Uploading it to WordPress will not work. The WordPress Version of this theme is available for purchase at GentsThemes: for $35.

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  32. Domingos Luis

    Like this post
    I want more info about this

  33. Lee Estrada

    Great work but it works on only mozila and breaks in IE, chrome and opera. How can you make it browser compatible?

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  35. Charles

    Hello Carlos,

    I’m having trouble customizing the SOLID theme and could use some advice.
    Where do I change the color of the image hovers? I cannot find the string for that…
    I’ve managed to find the code in the CSS for the navigation links to pages at the top, and I’ve changed the color of the menu words and buttons and their hovers …
    But when I mouse over the images on the home page or the about page (over the people, CEO, Lead Designer, Marketing guy, etc) the hover color is baby blue… I’m needing it to be green and I just haven’t been able to locate the color code for that effect. I believe that I’ve found the selectors for those divs and images, but I can’t seem to find where the color is specified in the CSS or the JS … any pointers you can give me on how /where I can change the photo hover colors from blue to green?
    Great stuff you have here. Thanks a lot for sharing all that you do!

    ~ Charles
    (my Spanish speaking friends call me Carlos 😉

    • Hello :)

      Hey Charles,

      The class that contains the hover color setting is .bg. Just change the background-color selector to whatever color you wish!


  36. Marcnil Basbas

    Why dropdown menu not responding while not connected to the internet and refreshed

    • Marcnil Basbas

      Please respond to my question 🙁

      • Hello :)

        Which dropdown are you speaking of? The navbar? The pages tab?


  37. KB

    Love the theme (which have installed on Drupal 8) but how do I load the content to get it to look just like the demo? Sorry for my ignorance here but do need a bit of direction. Thanks