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  1. Awesome! I’m using it as my contact web at eduardominguez.es 🙂
    Thank you!

  2. Vivjan

    How can i install this beautiful landing page to my WP website?

    Please help!

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi, This theme is not a WP theme. Just a HTML+CSS theme. You need to convert this theme to WP to use it.


  3. def a newbie question but how do you convert this to wordpress? this is quite possibly the most frustrating thing ever…I’ve been at it for days now and I’m literally getting nowhere.

  4. Aurélien Debord

    A very simple et nice theme 🙂

  5. tomexsans

    how could you create a beautiful theme and give it for free? lol thanks

  6. Thomas

    Thank you very much for this nice landing page

  7. Álvaro

    Hola Carlos,

    ¿Está el proyecto publicado en Github o similar para aportar?

    Gracias y ¡enhorabuena!

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  9. Lukas

    Can I delete “” from html?

    • Lukas

      This code <meta name="description" content="Carlos Alvarez, Theme designer & developer living in Madrid, Spain."
      Which is on line 7 and 8 is a feed of Carlos Alvarez , Theme designer & developer living in Madrid , Spain . and author Carlos Alvarez .

      • Hello :)

        Hi Lukas,

        Sometimes the meta tags are tricky to take out being that they are referenced in the code. You can, however, change the text within content=”…” to a description of your site which will help people find your site better through search results. Hope we’ve helped!