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  2. Andrew Hallock

    Looks amazing. Is the Dashboard pictured as a theme available somewhere?

    • Carlos Alvarez


      no, the dashboard is a dibbble shot and is not an actual dashboard.

      • Mau

        That dashboard is kinda neat, mind sharing the source? Btw, great work tio 😉

    • Charkey

      You can fix it, it’s easy to do this.

    • Hi Tim,

      I don’t understand, you have the download link at the bottom of the article to grab the theme.


  3. Dimitrow


    Verry nice theme! I want to know how to use the contact form on the end of page. Im not a webmaster and dont understand all things, but need to run landing page and like your verry mutch,. Please contact me with information about contact form.

    thanks 🙂

    • Hi Dimitrow,

      You have many ways to use the contact form, that’s why is not completed. Most people add accounts from Mailchimp or another mailing service to manage their forms. If you prefer use the basic version (receive the information in your email when someone fill the form), just check this page, they have a really nice explanation and also, you can download the files needed:

  4. Andrew Finer

    The smooth scrolling didnt work, you have “smoth” it should be smooth and also the capital S in scroll so do a find and replace for smothscroll to smoothScroll, to fix it, you should update the template, 30mins to figure it was a spelling error!

  5. Chris

    Great theme. I notice when you start at the bottom of the page and work your way back up using the navbar, the bar messes up highlighting the wrong tab for the wrap/section you want. It’s as if it scrolls a few pixels too high and highlights the wrap above it.

    If you load the template and hit Home you can see it jumps down the height of the Nav bar, I think this is causing the issue I mentioned, any suggestions?


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  7. Tim Nicholson

    Hi, Carlos. As always, you’ve released an awesome theme here. I know you’ve mentioned on this site to be sure to contact the original owner of the images, but I don’t see any copyright information in the theme source. Can you share with me where you got all the images used in the theme?

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  9. Bruno Philipe

    Hello. Thanks for this amazing theme!
    I used it on my app’s landing page http://www.cakebrew.com
    Please keep up the great work you have done with these themes.

      • Eugene

        I’m a bit new to web designing but I wanted to know how do you change the in the nav navbar-nav with the smothscroll the “active” on the “li” tag automatically.

        • Hi, I am sorry, but I don’t understand your question well. As you can see in the demo the navbar changes automatically. This occurs because each item in the navigation bar is linked to a section of the page.

          • Eugene

            yes but what do you change so it also becomes selected when you click on the link in the navbar like http://www.cakebrew.com.

            When you click on the item it becomes “active” and also does de in page link function.

            On your demo when you clik on the item you have to scroll down so it becomes active, but does not become active at the same time as when you click on it.

            So how do you do it?
            (PS: Sorry if I explained my self terribly before.)

    • Bob


      Nice website! 😀

      One question if I may,
      What do you change so when you click on a link in the navbar it gets selected at the same time as it goes down?

      Thanks a bunch!

  10. Tim Nicholson

    Hi, All. I love this template and have rolled out a version of it for WordPress and its been approved and available in the WordPress.org theme directory. The screenshot is a bit misleading since I had to use public domain images, but I’ve included a samples.xml file that imports a page that looks just like the sample Pratt theme page here. https://wordpress.org/themes/pratt

    P.S. I also have Spot approved, but they haven’t posted it yet and Link uploaded but not yet reviewed.

    • Hello Tim,

      Great share! We are glad to hear that you created some WP themes with our themes. We will review them and will add the links in the main post. Thanks!

  11. David

    There seems to be a bug with the navbar. I fixed the smoothScroll but I can’t seem to fix navbar ‘Active’ issue. When you click on “Showcase” for example “Description” will still be highlighted. If you scroll down a few pixels the correct link will be highlighted. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • Tim Nicholson

      Hi, I built a WordPress version of Pratt and when using a CMS its uncommon that users would want a single-page design. However, in briefly looking at the demo site, the issue has to do with the fixed nav bar and the padding on the having 50px of padding on it so that the section title is not hidden by the nav bar when you scroll down to it.

      For my theme, I’ve modified the javascript for the scrolling so that it offsets its positioning by the number of pixels of padding-top the body has to account for the fixed nav bar. In other words, instead of having an extra section with 50px top & bottom padding that gets scrolled to, you can scroll directly to the actual “showcase” div and the javascript adjusts for the 50px nav bar.

      I hope that gives you a little insight to look into either fixing the javascript, CSS, and/or HTML.

      • David

        Thank you for your response but I am afraid I don’t follow. “the issue has to do with the fixed nav bar and the padding on the having 50px of padding on it so that the section title is not hidden by the nav bar when you scroll down to it” Where is the 50px of padding?

  12. Alex

    I have a very simple question, where does the “accordion” class definition goes, I don’t see it in the CSS? I don’t really understand where you define it.


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  15. Dzulfikar

    Why when I click Showcase or Description menu the highlight is not highlighting the menu that I clicked?

    By the way, nice theme!

  16. seitaro hisakawa

    I would like be delete acredit. It’s possible? I certainly be able to pay money.

    • Hi there, these themes are free and I am not interested in obtain money from them. If it is a problem for you to keep a visible credit, maybe you can keep the credit in the CSS file. Thanks.

  17. Ofer

    Thanks for this great template!
    How can i fix the menu bug? (when clicking on Description it doesnt become active, and clicking on Showcase set Description menu item as active)

    thank you!

    • Hello :)

      Check to make sure the id’s are the same in both places.

      • Ofer

        They are, and as you can see, its happening in the demo itself too, if you click on the 2nd menu button, it won’t hightlight, unless you will scroll a bit down..

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  19. Ahmet

    hi this script have a problem
    i clickshowcase in navbar being active desc section how to fix this ?