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    • Carlos Alvarez

      Thanks for the advice. Which Browser are you using? I don’t see the problem in my Firefox. I appreciate your help.

  1. Julien Moreau

    Cannot check the checkbox either under Chrome for OSX 🙁

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Julien, click it twice, this will enable the option and you can be able to download the files. If the problem persist, try with another browser. Thanks!

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  5. Great theme! The checkbox to download doesn’t seem to work in Chrome or Safari, but I was able to use it on Firefox. Thanks!

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Glad you can download the theme. Enjoy it!

  6. Balbina

    Hello Carlos,

    I’m really enjoying the Onassis template.
    But I don’t understand why isn’t posible to embed a Vimeo “iframe”!!
    Is there some solution?!

    Great work!!!

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi, thank you for your kind words.

      I don’t understand why you said that. You can embed whatever you want. I have users using video in this theme without a problem. Can you please explain more about your issue? Also, can you share your link with the demo site? In that way we can inspect and examine the code to understand the behavior.


  7. Balbina

    Carlos! you’re right!

    I was working in local, that was the problem.
    When you ask for a link I update the page to the server and was working perfectly.

    Thank’s for your quik answer!!

    I’ll make you know about the project soon 😉

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Glad to hear that everything is ok. Enjoy the theme.

      • Balbina

        Hello Alfredo
        We are online with the Onassis theme!!
        In local everything works perfectly but online the icons doesn’t appear
        Could you take a look?!


        any help would be very welcome!!

        Thanks a lot

        • Carlos Alvarez

          It seems you did not upload your font folder. Fontawesome references to a folder named font inside the assets folder. Please, confirm that you upload properly the folder.

          • Balbina

            I think I upload everything
            /font (with the five files)

            Also in local the same files and folders are working correctly

            Can be some another thing?

          • Carlos Alvarez

            I checked your site. You have a problem with your folder structure. If you paste this in your browser: http://www.thelmet.com/assets/font/fontawesome-webfont-v=3.2.1.eot you should be able to download this font, but in your case, you receive an error. That is because the font is not located in the folder that should be.

            Please, check that your font folder is inside the assets folder.

          • balbina


            I don’t have access to the server of Thelmet… but I upload to My server the folders and you’re right.. the icons are there.
            thank’s couse now I Can explain to them that this is the problem

  8. Nelson

    Thanks for sharing your themes. They look really professional and awesome.

    • Carlos Alvarez

      You’re welcome! Have fun!

  9. Tom

    Hi there,

    I entered my email yesterday to be able to download this theme however I haven’t yet recieved an email with the download link.


    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Tom,

      Please, check your spam folder first. Then, try with other mail account. Some user experienced problems with live.com, cloud.com and mail.ru. Let me know if you can get the download link.

      • Brad McAlister

        Carlos, I’m having the same problem that Tom is. I’ve checked my spam and junk mail and tried two different addresses on the same domain. Any thoughts?

        • Carlos Alvarez

          Hi, please try another email account. Some users experienced problems with Mail.ru, iCloud & Live. Next week I will release the new version of the site and no email registration will required. Direct Download Links.

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  15. Akif

    I Want to download this theme

  16. Yatendra

    Hi Carlos, I was wondering if its possible for you to let me know the source of images used in this theme. I want to reuse some and would like to obtain proper rights or give credit if that is what is required. Thanks.

    • Hi,

      Most of the images are from unsplash.com. The rest are from flickr.com/creativecommons/

      • AnotherUser

        Hi, where are the city icons from, or are they custom? Looking for a few other cities.

        Great theme(S) and a great site, cheers.

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  20. geeky

    Hi there.. im wondering if this theme has any licence or it is open source…free to be used personal and commercially as well?

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  27. Yoav

    If you put a long name to the title like Sternberg’s , then it will look awful on mobile devices…
    Can you check that?

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  29. Tim Smith

    Hi, I am newbie on web and was trying your theme. Just have 2 questions:
    1. On the off-canvas menu bar, when the number of menu items increase they do not show up on phone and tablet screens and neither do they scroll. So if I have to access menu items which are not visible due to the height of the screen, how should we access them.

    2. In order to open and close the menu, we have to click on the hamburger button on the top right. Is there a way that the menu may close even if we click on some other part of the screen and not necessarily only the hamburge button.

    Thank you

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  35. J Cravotta

    Awesome theme! Very useful. Just one problem, when trying to view the page on an iPhone 6 the header Section does not seem to fit and causes horizontal scrolling, this is not only a problem with my site but also with your demo. Any solution?!

    • Abdus

      Did you find a solution to this — experiencing the same problem.

      • Yoav Sternberg

        You can check my site to see how do i fix it using hardcode values for different media values.

  36. dennis

    Amazing template but i have a question, in the item menu how can i add more slides to the carousel. I tried to add more but it didn’t work out.

  37. Nicolas

    Thanks, it’s really nice, I love this theme.

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  39. Sergey

    It’s so fine and clean! Thank you.

    What’s the best way to integrate a contact form to it? Maybe from one of your other themes.

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  41. mike

    Hi,how could i download this template?thanks u! 🙂

  42. rukhsar-ur-rehman

    awesome template…. thanks for sharing your theme 🙂

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