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  1. Hello, I am having a problem with an template. jQuery is conflicting with simple functions (link and sending e-mail).
    The jquery in question is 1.10.2, without it the gallery does not work :s
    and he can not send emails.

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Igor,

      Can you explain us a little more about this issue? I don’t understand your problem. The theme comes without a contact form, so I don’t see why the jquery will create a problem with a link option. How you know is the jquery the problem?

      Can you show us your demo page? Maybe we can test it. Right now. If you click on the demo page of Munter, on the mail icon, in my computer it opens the mail client to write a new message. This is not happening to you?

      Let us know more please. Again, If you can, show us the site you are creating, so we can check the code.


      • Carlos, I adapted the theme for some needs, like the contact form, for example, but when I test it, I discovered that the submit button was somehow inactive.
        When I removed the jquery form 1.10.2 funcinou normally.
        Another problem was with the links (facebook for example), they simply do not work.

        This is the site:

        (sorry for my english, I speak portugues)

        • Carlos Alvarez


          I tested your contact form and works fine. I don’t know if you receive the information, for that, I need to inspect your php file. But, It doesn’t show disable anything for me.

          Also, the social links works fine. Right now I just clicked your facebook link and I went to your facebook profile.

          Sorry, but I think you are having some different issues here. Also, you are using the latest jquery, so, I don’t know what is the problem, because I don’t see any problem when I run your site.

          Finally, please, you can download the themes for free, there is no need to use HTTHack to download it. At least, remove this references from your code, because is not cool at all and is disrespectful.

          Sorry, I can’t help you if I can see the problem.

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  3. Oude Dibbes

    I downloaded this nice theme to work with on my local WordPress development installation. Tried to install this but nothing happens, missing templates & CSS files. Is this downloaded theme ready to use with WordPress or am i missing something here? Thank you.

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Oude,

      This is not an WordPress theme. Is a HTML theme only. I will develop a wordpress version soon.


        • Carlos Alvarez

          Hi Emil, I am working right now in other WP versions. It will be released first SPOT Theme. Then, maybe this theme. Thanks

          • Carlos Alvarez

            I don’t have an estimated time. I have a list of themes that will be converted. I’ll try to do it as soon as possible. Thanks.

      • We’re all looking forward your amazing works. I’ll wait the wordpress version :3 Big thanks to you.

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    • Carlos Alvarez

      Emil, can you please provide more information?

      What is your issue with the theme? Please, add basic information like: Browser used, display size, etc.

      Can you provide your online demo page?

      I don’t understand what is the problem that you have. Explain to us, so we can find a proper solution. Thanks.

      • The problem is with the background theme. Isn’t loading full just a part and on the right side when resize the browser. Mac OS X,Google Chrome.

  5. Carlos Alvarez

    Emil, I assume you’re having problems only when you resize your browser to a not conventional size.

    The theme uses media queries to define what you will see depending on your screen size. For example, desktop size will show the background image. Mobile screen sizes will show a filled-color instead of an image. In this case, black.

    Check your demo site on Responsinator.com to test your site on usual screen size devices. If you have an issue with an specific size, add the proper Media Query for this device on your css. Define if you want to show an image or a full-color background.

    • Timo

      I have the same issue. At a window width 985px there is a wrong displayed Background.
      And that is a conventional size: When I open your template on Ipad2 in portrait-modus there is the issue also! And that is conventional!

      • Carlos Alvarez


        As I mentioned to Emil, you can configure your Media Queries to display properly the site on devices you need.

        The main idea of a responsive site is the best look of the site in any device. To achieve this right now, or you create a really basic theme easily adapted to any device with the standard configuration provided by the framework or you create something more complex and work with Media Queries to ensure the proper view everywhere.

        Unfortunately I can’t test all devices. I checked in my iPad Retina, my iPhone 5 and in responsinator.com without problems. I am sorry if you have issues with the theme in your device. I will try to update the code to fix this. But please, be patient, because these are Free themes, no premium ones.

        I appreciate your interest and commentary. Thanks.

  6. How can I activate the horizontal scrolling on the portfolio section, and if this can be done too…how to activate keyboard navigation?

    • Carlos Alvarez


      the horizontal scrolling on the Portfolio section is activated automatically depending on the number of items you publish.

      The navigation is available with the mouse only.


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  8. Hi, first of all let me say thank you for this awesome theme! I can’t understand people which dunno have the time to say thank you for something you provide for free!

    Anyway. I “solved” this issue with the links, cause i have the same problems. It’s in your first line of script.js – you only have to add the class .regular-link to every single outgoing link in your html and it works fine.

    Thank you again for this Theme! It helped me understanding Bootstrap3 better. You will find what i’ve done with it here:

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for solving this issue!

      This gonna help us a lot! I will update the theme with your solution.

      Thanks for sharing and again, thanks for your comment!

    • laravel

      your website got the same problem with emil. I tried resizing (small) my browser and the background suddenly disappear, it moves to the right everytime I reduce the size of my browser.

      • Carlos Alvarez


        Check the site on responsinator.com – You can see the site behavior on a specific device. Resizing is not real. Some scripts may not work properly when you resize your browser. Should load the page in the proper device screen. If you find a problem with the background on a mobile device, you can always use Media Queries for that specific screen resolution.


        • This issue can be solved by simply removing line 239 to 243 of style.css

          @media (max-width: 991px) {
          #slide-1 {
          background-position: -70% 0, 170% 0;

          If you don’t want the main image to hide for small devices, remove line 245 to 249 as well.

          @media (max-width: 767px) {
          #slide-1 {
          background-image: none;

  9. Joseph

    Hi there, would just like to say thanks for providing all of these free themes. They are amazing in every way! So beautiful as well.

    I am actually having problems downloading them, however. I’ve put in my email address correctly but not received an email. I’ve waited almost an hour, am I just being impatient though? Are these still available? Thanks.

    • Carlos Alvarez


      Thank you for your kind words.
      Please, check your spam folder first.
      Also, try another email account. Some users reported issues with live, Mail.ru and iCloud emails.


      • Joseph

        Hi, tried a different email address and it worked straight away, thanks. The email it didn’t seem to work with was a hotmail account, FYI.

        Thanks again for the awesome themes!

  10. Dheeraj

    Wow! Some brilliant stuff happening here. Thanks guys for the amazing work. 🙂

  11. Joseph

    Hello again! I’ve had a slight problem with creating hyperlinks to external websites/pages. For example if I change one of the navbar links to link to an external webpage, clicking on it does nothing.

    Similarly, if I make a new hyperlink anyone on the site it just doesn’t work. Why is this?

    Thanks so much!

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Joseph,

      As is explained in the comments, you should add the class=”regular-link” in your href link. This solution was provided by Jens and used in his site: http://www.soelker.at

      Good Luck!

  12. Carla

    Hey there,

    I am putting my email in so that I can get the files sent to my email, however, when I try to click the check box it doesn’t check off. Not sure what is going on but I have tried several times and on different browsers. I keep getting this message: “You must check that you agree to receive our newsletter before downloading.”

    Could you please send me the files? Thanks a ton! 🙂

    Carla D

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Carla,

      thank you for your message. Please, try another browser to download your files. Also, if you don’t have another browser, just try with yours double click the check box, don’t worry if you don’t see checked the box, automatically will add your email to our newsletter.

      This problem was reported for some users using Google Chrome. They did this little trick and get their files.

      Let me know if you can do it.


  13. Thomas

    Hello Carlos,

    I have typed my email address in the box but i don’t get the link to download the theme.
    Please can you help me? Thanks.

    • Carlos Alvarez


      Please check your spam folder.
      Also, try other Mail account. Some users reported problema
      With live, iCloud and Mail.ru


  14. Thomas

    Hello Carlos,

    Thanks a lot, i have the theme!

  15. Hello, Carlos!
    Thanks alot for this awesome template.
    Reporting that yandex.ru mailbox also has problems.

  16. Bhas

    Hi Carlos,

    This is an excellent theme. Great job. No enough words to thank and praise you. Wonderful themes and an marvelous job. I am planning to use this theme as the base for one of my work. Really appreciate you for all this beautiful job. Finally, U ARE THE MAN !!!

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Enjoy the themes.

      • Bhas

        Thanks Carlos. You are so kind enough to make all these lovely themes free… Initially i could not believe that these themes are free for use.. Thanks again to you and your fantastic team

  17. Thomas

    is just was i looking for, but i have a question its difficult to fit every “page” en the screen when you push the button to go down or up, or when you click the tittle in the top?

  18. Thank you Carlos for this beautiful theme. I am planing to use this as base for my portfolio site.
    And thanks to Jens for solving issue with the links.

  19. Abrar

    navbar-toggle button doesn’t work properly 🙁

    When the menu is minimized, it works fine to slide the menu down. But, once the menu is opened, the navbar-toggle doesn’t work at all. You must have to click on any of the links to slide-up the menu. How to fix it? Its not like someone will open the menu and will obviously click on a link, he/she may want to stay on the same content by closing the menu. Please, give a solve for this.

    • Carlos Alvarez


      I see what you comment. U Will try to fix it.
      Anyway, the person can click on the name of the section
      Where is right now. Remember that is a scroll Down page, they do not leave the page clicking.

      • Dejan

        Hi to all,

        Themes are awsome. Does someone solved problem with navbar-toggle?
        After drop-down I want to click and back menu to the previus position, but I can not figure how.

        Can anyone help?

  20. Carlos. Could you tell me why is it when I updated font awesome and renamed all icon to fa, suddenly arrow and slide on the menu stomped working? Maybe I have to do some changes in jquery file? Thanks.

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Can you post a link of your demo page? The control arrows are images not a Font Awesome icon, should not be modified with the update.

      Let me see your page to examine and find the problem. Thanks.

  21. Brian

    Awesome theme!!! Quick question. I only need four link but can not adjust the active slide to match up. I switch the column structure to col-12 col-sm-3. The active slide shifted one column to the left of the actual menu-link. Thanks!!!

    • Hi Brian,

      The problem is not in your HTML, is in the script (main.js). There, it is defined the number of links on the navigation. You should modify there. Locate lines refering i==6 and change the number with the proper number of elements on the navbar.

      If you have doubts, please copy here your demo page, so I can check your code and can guide you better.


  22. Emil Indricau

    Istill wait for an answer about the wordpress version.

    • Sorry Emil, I didn’t see your message before. No WP version scheduled yet. We launched yesterday our WordPress Boutique and we will release free and premium themes based on some designs here. Munter will be one of them, but we have some other themes to convert and work before.

      You can check the new WP boutique here: GentsThemes.com

      Also, if you are registered in our newsletter you will know when we launch the WP version of Munter.


  23. Prateek

    Hello. I’m just a newbie in web designing, but a better web developer. I’ve been trying to learn some bootstrap customization and foundation, and i just wanted to thank you for putting all this stuff here for free. Also, the fact that you reply to all your comments is amazing. You’re a great guy, good luck 🙂

    • Hi Prateek,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. IT is the idea of this site, share some resources, help others create their sites and work with Bootstrap. Thank you for your comment.

  24. Michael Firman

    I have utilized your awesome “Munter” template and revamped my website using some of my own ui/ux features and content. Kudos to BlackTie and all of your developers, awesome features, functionality, friendly, clean and professional interactive design.

    You can view my portfolio site at: http://www.firmmdesign.com/

    Thanks again,
    Very happy Designer/Developer!

  25. Haydn Watkins

    First off, thank you for this beautiful theme! I am having a slight problem however.

    I don’t really want to have the “portfolio” section. Instead I would like to move “stage 2” down to where the portfolio is, and add a new stage where “stage 2” was to introduce myself (Picture of me and small paragraph about myself).

    I tried simply removing the HTML for “stage 3” and creating a new stage, however, the horizontal arrows still become active where the portfolio was.

    Also i duplicated “stage 2’s” CSS for my new stage however they “title-row” breaks the title into 2 lines instead of displaying it all on one line.

    I have currently reverted the html and css back to the way they were (i am still trying to fix this, so when you see it they may be different).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Website: HPWTechSolutions.com

  26. pV

    Hi, first of all thank u for the AWESOME theme…..
    I need a little help…i need to use just the portfolio part(12 images as links to different parts of the page) as a page and slide to a portion of the page.
    Problem 1: I am using like 12 slides and the navbar doesn’t fit so many links and I am reusing the diff ‘slide’ CSS which makes the nav bar highlighted which I dont want as mine will be a single page
    Problem 2: I have checked out ‘script.js’ but i am clueless as to what to do.

    Plzz help

    thank u in advance….

  27. Rich Haagenson

    Hi Carlos,

    I’ve utilized this theme for my portfolio website, adding some of my own features and content. You can see what I’ve done with it here http://www.richhaagenson.com.

    Thank you for the awesome theme!

  28. Claire

    Hi! Can you fix the toggle button for the navbar? I noticed this on the download version on your post and other people’s version of the site: When the browser is minimized onto a smaller screen and I press the menu button, it collapses the nav. But, the button to close the bar does not work. I tried comparing it to other bootstrap pages with the same navbar responsive toggle effect, but I can’t figure it out. Thanks!

  29. PB

    I found the Munter one-page theme when I was searching around for Bootstrap, and trying to get a grasp on how it works. I have decided to use it in the meantime, until I can get a more expanded site online.

    I struggle with CSS (read: the bane of my existence) and have spent several hours now (along with Dreamweaver, Firebug, and Stack Overflow) trying to understand how to center the navigation row menu at the top when removing two entries from it.

    I’ve tried tweaking index.html, style.css, and bootstrap.min.css, and finally am throwing in the towel and coming on here to ask for help. Anyone have any thoughts?

    • Hi,

      In your html, the nav menu is defined by 6 links. Each link is inside a column. Each column is defined as col-sm-2. This columns are inside a row, that is means if you remove 2 links, you will have a row supporting 12 columns only occupied by 4 links (2 columns each).

      I know the explanation is basic, but, one thing you can do is, for these 4 links, change the value: col-sm-2 to col-sm-3. This will center your links on the menu. I strongly suggest that you check the bootstrap documentation talking about the grid. http://getbootstrap.com/css/#grid – They have a really good explanation and examples of this. You don’t need to edit your CSS, just play around with the values existing in the framework.

      Let me know if you have lucky with this. Thanks.

  30. Kelvin

    great theme! Can I use the montains image on my own website?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi There! Yes, the image is under Creative Commons License, It is from Flickr. It’s free to use in your site.

  31. regeint

    Hi Carlos,

    First of all, thanks for this awesome theme. Everything is fine in this theme but I have got a problem. I need to pop up a page for feedback form. I just added a link like this: Feedback

    and then inside jquery ready function I did this:
    ‘height’ : 395,
    ‘width’ : 385,
    ‘centerOnScroll’: true,
    ‘transitionIn’: ‘none’,
    ‘transitionOut’: ‘none’,
    ‘type’: ‘iframe’,
    ‘modal’: false,
    onCleanup : function() {
    //reload page
    // window.location.reload();

    It is not opening the link in pop up however I am able to use the same code for another site. Is there any script needed for pop up outside the gallery portion in this theme? If so please help me.


    • Hi,

      Please, re-arrange the order of the javascripts. The issue comes with the loading order. To solve this, just change the position of your bootstrap.min.js.

      In the final part, put your above the other javascripts. This will solve the problem. If not, please, send me an email with your demo site so I can check the code and try to examine correctly the problem. Thanks.

      • regeint


        I have changed every possible order of javascript includes. I just download this template and put the fancybox to open an html page for feedback.html but it is not recognizing it and simply opens it in the window rather then in pop up.

        I have not changed anything on this template.
        Could you please test it in your default template. you just need to add one link tag with class as “popup” and make it to open in pop up by adding fancy box script for it. By the way I am testing it in chrome. Please tell me if there are any browser specific issues.


        • Hi, Try to modify your script.js, your should add a little class.

          Original Version:
          $(document).ready(function(e) {

          Corrected Version:
          $(document).ready(function(e) {
          $(‘.with-hover-text, .regular-link’).click(function(e){

          • regeint

            Thanks Carlos,

            I got to know the problem. The script you are suggested to modify for current version is already there. I removed the class with-hover-text from the div that I needed to put the pop up and it worked.

            Thanks once again. 🙂
            – regeint

  32. Brian

    Hi, thanks for the excellent themes!! I made some modifications to theme. Now the link to the other pages on my site will not work with bootstrap.min.js. When I remove bootstrap.min.js from the scripts on my index page, the drop down menu stops working. Any clue what’s going on? I haven’t modified any of the js. Thanks!!

    • Don’t delete bootstra.min.js, just add it on the first place, above the other scripts.

      If you problem persist, read the 3 or 4 comments above this, you have the explanation and a solution. Thanks.

      • Brian

        Hi Carlos,
        Still no luck. I followed the direction from regent’s post.

        I’m not using fancybox. I am using regular links that go to another html page for my portfolio thumbnails. I am still unsung the parallax scroll.

        • Please, share your site with us to see the live version and examine what is wrong. If you prefer, send me an email. Contact information is on the About page. Thanks.

  33. 06 Am Radio Ibiza

    Wow!! thanks i will use this for the new website of the radio!!!

  34. Felix Halim

    Hello.. sorry i’m new to bootstrap.. how to customize all of the word? and now should i just upload it to my hosting?

    • Hi Felix,

      To customize your themes you can open the HTMLs and CSS files with a text processor. If you want, you can grab a more suitable tool to create websites like Dreamweaver, Web Expression or Coda if you use Mac.


      • Felix Halim

        okay.. do you have the wordpress ver of this template? or are u currently working on it

          • Felix Halim

            okay.. please make more wordpress version of your template 🙂

  35. Tom

    I can’t download your demo,can you send it to my email?

  36. Ms

    Great Template!

    I have one problem with respect to gallery . Currently I want to add only three images. I have added my images in the third fourth and fifth div I want to get rid of the extras. if I delete them they tend to change alignment and neither do the seem responsive.Can someone please help

    • Hi, please, try to post your page or send me an email, so we can examine the code and try to help you. thanks.

  37. Felix Halim

    Hi Carlos.. i want to ask how to delete portofolio page?? and when the visitor click portofolio it’s redirect to my own blog? example: Portoflio page deleted (no image to show) but stil there’s a portofolio tab. When visitor click that tab it redirect to another link.. please reply fast!!

    • You can remove all the portfolio section and in the menu, just create a href link pointing to your blog.
      Please, be sure you remove only the portfolio section.

      • Felix Halim

        I’ve removed all the content of Slider 3 and set the href to my blog link.. but the “navigator” become crazy..

  38. Marcin

    Hi Carlos,

    Just want to say thank you for sharing such a great and awesome work for free. Even I did not use this them I think it amazing !!!

  39. ywh

    不知道为什么我打不开下载页面,可以发到我的邮箱吗?非常感谢。(I do not know why I can not open the download page, you can send to my mail? Thank you very much.)

    • Is not a download page. Just click and the download begins. If you have problems, please try another browser. I tested and the link works fine. Thanks.

  40. gutenbyte

    First thank you for this really good template.

    One question: will you update to the actual bootstrap-version?

  41. Nicolas


    First, thank you very much for the great job!
    I would like to substitute the 3 letters in the homepage (P, F, S). How can i generate/find similar png files?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Sorry, I only have these 3 letters. They were part of other project used for a demo purpose. Thanks.

  42. Roy

    First, thanks a ton for this awesome theme – just awesome.

    However, I am facing a problem. I tried adding 2 more links in the navbar but could not do that. As mentioned in the comment I tried to change i==6 in the main.js file. But could not find the main.js file in the template 🙁

    What to do?

  43. Nathan Anderson

    I’m having some issues with an embedded form. The input fields and submit button don’t display as “disabled” but they won’t accept focus. I tried adding the “regular-link” class, but that didn’t help. Any tips would be appreciated.


    • Nathan Anderson

      Nevermind, I found the issue. There was an end DIV in the wrong place that caused the form problems.

  44. Chris

    Hi Carlos, great work!! I’m using a combination of two of your themes for different pages on my site and I absolutely love them.

    One thing I have noticed, the navbar.toggle menu button for max-width:767px doesn’t seem to be working any more. I can’t get it to work on your demo either. I don’t know why, do you?

    Many, many thanks,


    • Chris

      Hi, I was able to resolve my issue by calling js/jquery-1.10.2.min.js above js/bootstrap.min.js. Hope this helps.


      • Kyle

        Can you tell me where this is being called? I’m trying to fix this issue as well.

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  47. gjeunney

    Hello, I want to download this template, I think it is very beautiful


    @Igor Prado is right; there is a problem with form submition, and the problem is jquery.
    Just try to add a form inside the template, when you click submit button, there is no action !!
    I have this issue too, and I cant fix it 🙁

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  50. Jules

    Hello, first I’d like to say it’s a nice theme and I want to thank you for it (and for studio too 😉 ).
    But i’m having a little issue and I don’t know how to fix it or where it come from… On my second slide I put 2 links, one to see my resume and an other one for an essay I wrote. Unfortunately these 2 links works only if I do a right clic > “open in a new tab/window” otherwise they will not open…
    Here is the adress of my website http://julesnehlig.com if you could take a look.


    • Hi Jules, thanks for your comment.

      Please, read the comments in this post, you’ll find the solution to that. =)

      • Jules

        OH ! I didn’t saw it !! Thanks 😉

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  52. Ben

    Great theme! Is it possible to use a smaller size background image for mobile devices? I’m trying to eliminate the gray background on mobile devices/ ipads.

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  54. Eirenaios

    Thank you for this beautifully crafted Website! Its very Beautiful and Unique! PEACE!

  55. shampoopy

    First, thanks for this template, it is a beauty.

    Can you tell me exactly which version of bootstrap this is designed against? In bootstrap.min.js, it says v3.0.0, but when I compare to the bootstrap.css file from twbs/bootstrap v3.0.0 here:

    https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/releases/tag/v3.0.0 ,

    I see many differences.

  56. Kylesza

    To a heads up for anyone having a problem with the navbar collapse, I figured out a fix.
    In the nav bar area, after the sections, put in
    This SHOULD fix the present problem of the navbar not retracting in smaller windows unless a link is clicked.
    The fix is super finicky it seems though, so be sure to test if you move it around.
    Hope this helps!

  57. alessandro

    Hi. I need to insert a contact form in page but I have some problems. the worst is that the checkbox and radio input don’t work correctly. i’ll try to explain… on click of the checkbox this not remain checked. I saw that without the jquery-1.10.2.min.js file input works correctly. can you give me some advices? thank you.

  58. Jake

    Hi! I am a total newbie with this. Once I download it, what do I do with that ZIP file? Like how do I use it to build my website?

  59. Bob

    Hello, I am trying to edit the portfolio section in a way that will allow it to redirect to another URL when the image is clicked on instead of a pop up gallery. I was wondering if this is possible considering the portfolio section uses fancybox.

  60. Mikael Lundén

    HI Carlos, and thanks for a great designed bootstrap page. I´ll have a quetion regarding your template that i´m using…!
    I´ve just started out with Boostrap to find out how to use it. Question is – how are you gonna get the zooming glass to go back from large to small view without stopping at the large size? I´m changing images so the final images will be different.
    My page is: http://www.mlunden.se

  61. Juan Lobos

    Amigo se te agradece, te quedo genial, pero hay un problema, que con Internet Explorer no se visualiza como debe ser, ni aun en la última versión.

  62. Mario

    I’ve started to implement this theme for TYPO3 CMS 6.2. You can have a look at it under https://github.com/perltwiesekt/muntertheme.
    There is still some work and refinement to do, but the skeleton is finished.
    Maybe someone is interested in this and/or wants to contribute.

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  64. Brad

    Carlos, this is a beautiful theme! I found one glitch – when viewing the live demo from my phone (iPhone 5, iOS 7), the dropdown menu is not working.

    Thanks for these beautiful themes!

  65. HoplaGeiss


    I am trying to use your template in a rails project.
    Almost everything is working, I am just having troubles with the navigation bar.

    I had to change,


    With collapse the navbar stayed gray the whole time…

    The other problem is the active-menu is not moving. In the beginning, as the page is loaded for the first time it doesn’t move to home and even when I am scrolling it stays on the far left.

    I hope you will be able to help me,

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  67. Claudio

    Hi Carlos
    GREAT WORK!!! I am planning to migrate my site (which is based on the LINK template) to this template which I found easier to mantein and visually awesome!

    I have a problem (I tried several modifications in CSS with no sucess):
    I need to set the portfolio section “boxed”. I mean I do not want this section to expand horizontally beyond the page limits. I want to show the tiles with a fixed width (100% or 95% of the page) and centered. Similar as the tiles in the LINK template.

    Can you help me?
    Thanks in advance!

  68. RishiRajBiswas

    Hello.Very good theme.
    Um. how can i change the active button in the navbar?
    I mean when i click on the contacts or other links and go to the directed page the active link in the navabr still stays at the home button.
    Help much appreciated.

  69. Hugo

    Hi there, first of all i would say how amazing is this theme, very impressive.
    Second i would ask for some help.
    Wanted to use a slider with few pictures of landscapes instead a static image background.
    I tried insert the slider inside the however all i got is a big mess.
    I will be very thankfully.

    hugs from Brazil


    • Hugo

      * I tried insert the slider inside === MAIN Background === […]

  70. Kaushal Gautam

    Hey Carlos
    This template is fantastic.
    I only had one issue, I cannot find out a way to remove the gallery completely. I want it gone from the nav bar and the page structure completely, without affecting the overall functionality of the site. Would you mind helping me? Thanks in advance.

  71. Rafael

    Thanks for this super theme…
    if possible to resize the width and the height of the pics of slide-3?

  72. star

    How can i create contact form in this theme ?


  73. Marin

    Hi Carlos,
    I can’t get menu on mobile devices or on desktop to work. The icon is there when you make the browser window narrow or if you view it on mobile, but clicking or tapping on it does nothing. Any ideas? Thank you very much!
    Best wishes for the holidays.

  74. Lohit Talasila


    Firstly, thanks for the awesome design. I liked the hexagonal lettered icons that are there in the first slide. Could you tell me where I can find other letters and variations of that kind, I tried googling but couldn’t find the one like those on the website.

    thanks in advance

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  76. Chris

    Sorry to disturb you but a template I am using to learn bootstrap is sending me crazy! It is a one page template but I need a few of the menu links to link to external pages. Please can you tell me how you do this? I read your comments page and saw you said -class=”regular-link” – could you please explain this to me.
    Thank you for any help.

  77. Chris

    I need to make a one page menu work with an external menu link. Can you please explain your comment about class=”regular-link”

  78. Nic Oatridge

    Carlos, thank you for your beautiful free themes. I thought it was only fair to pay for the premium themes, and they are excellent and great value. Unfortunately there is not a premium version of the Munter theme in the premium pack, but it is a minor quibble. There is one bug I haven’t yet ironed out on Munter, which is on an iPad portrait at Responsinator with width: 768px the first slide only shows part of the background image. However I will tinker wth style.css until I can get the image off that form factor – I’ve also seen it on landscape on a tablet but not at Responsinator on the same device. Weird, huh?

    Anyway, again, many thanks. Lovely design and pretty good code.

  79. John M

    I see a few folks complaining about glitches etc.
    All I would like to say is great work! This is very handsome and elegant.

  80. AmblestonDack

    Hi Carlos,
    First off thanks for an awsome theme, it’s really nice. I’m new to jquery and I’m having some issues understanding the code. To learn jquery, I’m breaking down sections of script.js to see what they do. I’m having a hard time with the hover-text part of script.js.

    Basically I have created a blank bootstrap page with a navbar brand and 3 menu items and the html for the contact page. The hovering text works a treat, but the navbar-brand no longer works as a link. So I tried deleteing everything from gallery width onwards in script.js and still the same issue. Any ideas?


  81. Tate Price

    The home-row in Slide 1 – i.e. the clickable Icons for professional, friendly and suitable are not optimized for mobile when I downloaded the file and created a template.


  82. Samson

    I want to learn bootstrap now.

  83. Apoorv Pal

    I want to remove some of the sections and menu items. But on removal, the query stops functioning. Please help.

    • Can you be a bit more specific? Which function stops working when you remove some of the sections and menu items?

      • 3u

        So index.html edit slide 1,2,3,4 text great lovely jubbly. i want to link with say this cut peice of code from the bottom of the site page in say slide 1,2,3,4 with different links but as eg for testing. this:

        but this link ONLY works in the contact us slide??? i cant for the life of me get the link to work which ever whay I do it. Sorry way.

        • Where are you wanting to link this to? If it’s outside of the page, you’ll want to remove the # and put in your url. If you want to link to somewhere on the page, the item you want to link to must have an id=”something” and your link will link to it via href=”#something”. Hopefully this helps. If you need further assistance, you can email me at hello@blacktie.co and perhaps we can fix it further.

  84. 3u

    hi – awsume bootstrap template. I wanted to intergrate links to other pages but any a href i put in does not respond – only the contact us ones do? please help as i need to link to other parts of my website pages

    • You should have no trouble using an a tag to link to other pages. Check that you are using the correct syntax and you aren’t missing any ” or any >.

      • 3u

        I use notepad++ and even copied he template a href from contact us section to double check my madness… if you turn off javascript it works so its a jqery issue i dont know how to fix

  85. 3u

    Just want to know how to edit the js file that makes the a href links work please – we have a charity website and this is an amazing template 🙂

  86. 3u

    Im nearly there… I want to take the fancybox gallery off my home page just for the moment – but when i do the navigation animate hover effect that highlights the anchor doesnt work when th gallery isnt there??? why is this and how can i make it so the page works okay?

  87. Nitin

    Hello Carlos, Thanks for sharing the theme. I am using this theme on my site however experiencing issues with the images on portfolio section, once I launched the site. can you please help confirm where to look at to solve this issue and enable the images on the page. Thanks 🙂

      • Nitin

        Here’s the Link for your reference: http://ntnphotography.netai.net/

        I’ve the portfolio section images linked with another page. The link works fine but the images doesn’t show up. I tried changing the folder, removing scripts, rearranging, and creating a table (at the bottom of the page) to showcase the content but somehow images are getting showcase here, just a rectangle box with cross. on contrary the image on top section bg01.jpg is working fine, given both are saved in the same location (Images folder)


        I can share the index file and/or hosting username/password if that helps.

  88. fr1sk

    I have problem. When i want to remove portfolio page, because i only need work contact home and about. But when I delete portfolio page, slider buggs and spyscroll wont move anymore. Also i need to reoganise scroll spy to move in order to my pages. Home->About->Work->Contact. Please help 🙂

    • Hello – yes this is a bug that we have recently fixed. Please try re-downloading the theme. You will find that if you delete the portfolio page, the slider should work as expected. 🙂 Please let me know if there is anything else you need. -Anna

  89. Justin

    Hello Carlos,

    First of all a big thanks for the FREE wonderful template. But I have a question. Can I use this for my school project? The website will be online but covered with a password (login). I must create the account for accessing the website. Is it okay for you?


    • Hey Justin – thanks for the question! Absolutely you may use the theme for your school project! If anyone asks, we’d love it if you told them about us, but it’s not necessary. Enjoy the theme! -Anna

  90. leman

    The porfolio part do not work at all…I need help

  91. salim

    hello, thanks for very great template and you share it for free! really love this design.

    i have a question for adding a link here.
    so i add a link inside class ‘slide story’ in ‘slide-2’, and it can’t open the page, but it works if i open it in new tab.
    i see adding a link in class ‘slide story’ on ‘slide-6’ contact is working fine by direct click although it’s automatically opens a new tab.

    am i miss something?

    • Hi! Thanks for the comments and question. Adding a link should not be an issue, as long as your syntax is correct and your url is correct. Adding target=”_blank” will make a link automatically open in a new page, and you must have a full URL, including HTTP or HTTPS, for a link like that to work. You can read more about a tag documentation here. If you are still having trouble, please contact me at hello@blacktie.co

  92. WA!Design

    Hi Carlos

    Thanks so very much for an awesome theme! And also, thank you for the support that you provide, it really means a lot.

    I have a question – I would like to create a sub-link to the main nav (typically a dropdown). Would this be at all possible?

    • Hello :)

      Hi there!

      You should be able to add submenus from the Appearance > Menus option in your sidebar. It should give you the option to add whatever option you would like and then click and drag that into place!


  93. Wa!Design

    Hi. Thank you for responding. Although I am referring to the bootstrap theme, and not a wordpress theme.

    • Hello :)

      Ah, my apologies. If you take a look into the index.html file, the nav-collapse ... div holds your menu. Adding a dropdown is kind of like creating another menu within the main one. Bootstrap provides a good description of how to do this here: http://getbootstrap.com/components/#navbar

      Hope that helps.