Minimal – Dark Bootstrap 3 Theme

Framework Used: Bootstrap 3.0

Minimal is a simple and small theme. Ideal for you contact page or minimal site. This theme was designed for those wanting something different  more than the habitual information page.


Try It: Live Demo

Download Now


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  1. Hiren

    You guys are doing awesome work ….love to see so kind people like you….the themes are are awesome and hopefully putting them in my next project ….

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Thanks! Let me know when your project is completed.

  2. Daniely Wright

    Your work is amazing, I always look forward to new designs from you. I hope to become a great designer like you someday. Keep it up!

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Daniel, Glad you like it. Keep working hard and you’ll become what you want. See you mate!

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  5. Luciano

    I introduced my mail but I never get the download link …

    • Carlos Alvarez


      Check the spam folder first. Then try again with other Mail account. Some users reported problema with iCloud and some versions of hotmail.

      Let me know if you get your link.

  6. Jacob

    When I try to install the theme I get an error “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hi,

      This is not a WordPress theme. Please, check the description on the post, also, in the right sidebar of the site, you have a Categories section when you will find which of our themes were converted to WordPress.


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  8. Camilo

    Muchas gracias super utlil, justo lo que estaba buscando!!

  9. Cesar

    hi. any advice on where to implement a footer/copyright on your theme. thx

    • No need to create an specific footer for this theme to show our copyright information, you can add a small link at the end of the site, just that. Thanks.

  10. Cesar

    hi. what do you recommend as far as the size for the slideshow carousel. im putting images on it but it doesnt come out centered and they are not looking right.thx.

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  12. zzj

    You guys are doing awesome work ….love to see so kind people like you….the themes are are awesome and hopefully putting them in my next project ….

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  15. Jorge

    Hey, I really enjoy this theme and I’m using it on my website 🙂
    Thanks for your work. I was just wondering if you have the exact same theme (Minimal) but in white. I’m affraid it makes my website hard to read and I want to make a Nightmode kind of switch for users.
    Thanks again.

  16. joyhou

    Hi…It’s great! I love it very much. And could please send me a copy by email? It’s because the download link is can not be opened here. Thanks. 🙂

  17. ruffin

    Looks like the download link is busted. Looks nice, though!

  18. Oly

    i can not put this template in my blogger blog. why???

  19. David Newcomb

    There is a problem with the theme. “assets/js/modernizr.custom.js” is not included in the downloadable or on the demo site and so fails to load. modernizr.js allows the theme to ask questions and then add extra features (if supported). However because modernizr fails to load, the theme could have look a lot different.
    By the looks of things, the theme’s author had hand-rolled the modernizr features into a custom version and no information is given about what they were.
    Any chance you could fix it?

    • Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I went ahead and updated both the demo and the downloadable to include the custom modernizr script. 🙂

  20. Tyra

    Beautiful work! Is there a way to get the menu to automatically close after clicking a link? For example, I’m on the page and I click “About”. I would like the menu to automatically close after I click the “About” link. Is this possible? Keep up the lovely design work!

    • Hello :)

      Thank you for your comments! Absolutely, you can get the menu to automatically close after you click the link. You’d just need to insert a bit of JavaScript in. So, each of the links in the menu would need to have the onclick event added to them, after the class but before the >, like this:

      ... class="smoothScroll" onclick="closeMenu()" ...

      Then, at the bottom of your page, underneath all of the other script tags, you’d add:

      script type="text/JavaScript">
      function closeMenu() {

      And that’s it. 🙂

      • Tyra

        Thank you for the fast response. I did exactly as you wrote, but the menu remains open.

        • Tyra

          My mistake. This does work, I was just missing the “” part. Thank you so much for making this awesome design!

  21. iakizz

    thanks for sharing your awesome theme!
    Is there a way to move menu on the left? Thanks in advance.

    • Hello :)

      Yes, you should be able to change the styling of both the menu and the menu toggle in order to get it to come from the left side.

      • iakizz

        I tried to edit .menu class in the CSS, but I couldn’t get rid of it. Can you give me some more specific indications?

  22. Joseph Barkate

    First off beautiful design! It appears that the jquery for the smooth scroll feature is no longer working for me or the demo site. I am however a bit of a novice. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Joseph Barkate

      Disregard that, stupid mistake when implementing with angular 4 on my part. Can you delete both these comments as well, I can not figure out how to delete them myself. Thank you!