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  1. Ebrahim


    Thanks a lot for this theme, your work is always great.

    Can you plz explain a bit, how the animation part works?

    For example, the featured icon area, here are the codes:


    Awesome Features

    Built with Bootstrap 3
    Built for all levels of expertise, whether you need simple pages or complex ones, creating something incredible with Marco is an effortless and intuitive process.

    Retina Display Theme
    We’ve taken great care to ensure that Marco is fully retina-ready. So it’ll look good on any retina display. We use retina.js to ensure the best view.

    Responsive Design Always
    Marco fits any device handsomely. We tested our theme in major devices and browsers. Check it out and test it before buy it on responsinator.com.

    Really Nice Animations
    Good looking animations are an essential part of the new theme design trend. We add animations.css, a cool script to help you enhance your site with style.

    Font Awesome Included
    Font Awesome is the most used icon font on Bootstrap. Gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized with the power of CSS.

    Carefully Crafted
    We aim to design both, functional & beautiful themes. Details are an important part of our main concept. We work hard to keep our code and front-end flawless.


    actually which class is working for animation and how can I animate other parts or how to disable this animation for this part?

    Many Thanks in Advance,

    • Hi,

      the animations are provided by animation.css file. You can find the proper guide here: http://www.justinaguilar.com/animations/

      About your question, in the DIV definition (col-lg-4 in this case) you can see this attribute “si slideUp”. That is what defines the animation style. Just remove this if you don’t want an animated section.


  2. Nitin

    Hi Carlos,

    I am a huge fan of your work. Simply superb. I just have a quick question for you.
    Are the images responsive for your theme(s)? If I want responsive images, how can that be done?


    • Hi Nitin,

      Most images are configured to be responsive.

      If you want responsive images will depend on your needs and configuration. For example, in you HTML, you can add a class to set an image responsive ( class=”img-responsive” ). Also, you can define a responsive image via CSS, but this is something more complicated.

      Just try to use the themes here and see if they work well with your images. To test the theme, you can use responsinator.com


  3. Joe

    Hey there, these themes are awesome. Thanks for all your work. I was trying to download a couple of them and it appears all the downloads to your dropbox folder are invalid. Thanks.

    • Hi Joe, thanks for your comment.

      Please, use another browser, maybe you are having issues with it. I tested just now some links and all of them works fine.


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  10. Cristian

    Precious issues I’ve seen yet. Greetings from Chile.

  11. Michael


    I have a question about the hover_pack.js/hover_pack.css

    I want to reverse the color and text overlay so it is visible and disappears when you hover over. I looked to find the code you started with but was not able to find the source code or documentation for it. It was easy to change the coloring and font but i could not identify the classes used to change this.

    BTW i love the template it is perfect and easy to manipulate for my needs short of this issue.


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  13. edwin

    muy buena pagina y gran diseño

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  17. David

    We are trying to use the Marco theme for a landing page but cannot get the LEARN MORE buttons to work. Can you help?

  18. Smoky From Japan

    Thank you, I love this !