Link – Bootstrap 3 Agency Theme

Framework Used: Bootstrap 3.0.2

Link is a complete agency theme. Show your work with style and in a beautiful way. Create a handsome site with the 6 pages included in this theme. Includes Font Awesome 4, CSS Animation & more.

Tumblr Theme Available

Thanks to Soumyabrata Ghosh now Link have their Tumblr version available totally free.

Theme Install: Check it out.

Theme Demo: Check it out.

WordPress Theme Available

Thanks to Tim Nicholson now Link have their WordPress version available totally free.

Theme Information: Check it here


Try It: Live Demo

Download Now (HTML + CSS Version – Check the post for other versions)


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  1. This is beautiful, I’m definitely using it for a portfolio. Thanks for the amazing work!

  2. I love your themes, especially this one and Spot. Its amazing how great they look with so little CSS beyond what is in Bootstrap itself. Would you ever consider releasing these as WordPress themes?

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Tim, thank you for your kind words. Yes, I am working on some WP versions of these themes. I will released SPOT soon, then I will start working in other themes. This one is on the list. Again, thanks.

      • Tim Nicholson

        Hi, Carlos. Any update on when Spot might be available as a WordPress theme? The reason I ask is because I’m just about done with my WordPress parent theme that is specifically designed for full-width horizontal sections like your themes. I’m working on child themes for Pratt, Link, Spot, and another one that is totally different to make sure the parent theme is very flexible. So I’d like to compare what you come up with.

        Also, I’ve certainly got the source code referencing, but am I required to also place a link in the footer of the actual themes or no?

  3. 李丹


    • Carlos Alvarez

      Yes, Will be sent to your email.


    • Carlos Alvarez


      Please, note that the download link can take up to 15 minutes to arrive. Also, check your spam folder, sometimes the link becomes blocked.

      If everything above doesn’t work, use another email account. Some users report issues with and Thanks.

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  5. Josh

    I’d love to download some of these great looking themes but every time I try it says the email will be sent and I never receive the email. Please advise! Thanks!

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Josh thanks for your interest.

      Please, check your spam folder first. Also, try to use another email account. Some users have experienced problems with mails accounts like, &

      Let me know if you receive your download links. Thanks.

      • Josh

        Carlos, Got my download, It had a problem with @me / @icloud. Thanks for the timely response!

  6. Claudio

    Hi, your Theme is really one of the best I could find. Definitively I am using it in building my site (I am not a programmer, but I am trying and so far, it is looking really fine…)
    ONLY ONE question: it is posible to make the menu hide when the selection is choosen? or when I click outside the menu? I guess this is javascript. I have no idea how to do this? Could you help me…???
    best regards

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Claudio,

      thank you so much for your kind words. I’m glad that you like the theme.

      The menu in this theme hides when you click a menu option. (not sections). So, you click the option, and will take you to the desired page. To close the menu, you can click the “X” or the back button.

      To trigger the option to close the menu when you click outside the menu is something that you need to configure in the jscript file. Unfortunately, I am not a skilled javascript programmer, so you’ll need find someone to help you.

      Thanks for your interest. Good Luck!

      • OK. I will give it a try.

        Onether question (I am affraid it will has to do with javascript).

        I tried to use a modal window and get errors (window does not appeared and screen blured). Since the code for the modal is Ok (I tested it) I guess something in this theme make a conflict with the modal. Guess the menbu-wrap…
        Dou you have any idea?

        Thans and congrats again

        PD: You coul look at to see the progress of my work (still in version 0.5)

        • Carlos Alvarez


          Don’t know why your modal doesn’t work. If you want, let me see the code you are using and I will test the site trying to find the issue.

          You can reach me by email if you prefer.


    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hey, Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing. Let us know when the theme was ready to download by the users.


        • Carlos Alvarez

          Hey! I add your theme information and link on the post! Thanks for sharing this beautiful Tumblr theme. I think I will use it soon!

          Thank you!

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  9. Tom

    Awesome theme!
    Where did you get the images from? Is it possible to get a psd of these, so I can change the color overlays?

  10. Sicheng

    Hey Carlos!

    That’s a really cool theme. Actually I am designing a website for a course, and after tried many from your website as well as others, I found probably this multi-page one is more suitable for the content. However, it seems the download links was dead for a period. May I ask for a copy from you by email? Thanks in advance!

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi, try again the download link. I just tried and works fine.


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  12. Love the theme!
    1. If you had to put in a login and search control…as the designer of this theme, where would you put them?
    2. Have you considered making DNN skins of these?

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Rob, Thanks for your words.

      1 – Both, login and search control on the navigation side.
      2 – No. DNN is an unknown world to me. I work with WordPress as a CMS. No skins for other CMS. Thanks.

      • Thanks again.

        If I need a separator in the menu – is that accounted for in your CSS?

        • Carlos Alvarez

          If you want to create little sections in your side menu, you can use the defaults codes provided by Bootstrap.css to do that. You can add a HR tag to separate lines. Always remember that you can use everything is on Bootstrap. If you have doubts about what is included, check their site:

    • Carlos Alvarez

      It is a document store property for MAC users.

  13. I just can’t get my ‘theMenu’ menu toggle button (named menuToggle) to open the menu…

    The hover works for the menuToggle button, which tells me the css loads…

    What are the requirements for that menu to work? JQuery 1,10,0 or 2.0.3?
    I see the script for it is in main.js
    Is there anything special to do other than reference the script – you do it at the bottom, and that’s ok?

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Robert, I will need more to help you. Please, email me your page demo so I can check what is the problem.

      The menu uses the jQuery 1.10.2. Also, the main.js file contains the configuration and is located at the bottom for a best practice (Loads the page faster). Please, check the demo page, try to keep all the js files included in the demo. If you can, keep the order.


      • Robert Achmann

        Ok, after much trouble, I have a work around…
        I put the jQuery code right on the control and it works:

        If the code is only in the main.js – included at the bottom, it don’t work…
        So what gives? Hmmmm… The CSS loads correctly… Should I try putting the main.js up at the top of the file?

        • Robert Achmann

          I tried to paste the code here, but it got filtered out:

        • Robert,

          Don’t know why your code doesn’t work. I need to see the complete page to understand the whole idea.
          The menu.js should work fine if you place it at the bottom of your page. If it doesn’t work, we should inspect the changes that you made to understand where is the problem.

          Please, send me an email with a link to your demo page, so I can inspect all the code. Thanks.

          • Robert Achmann

            I’ll first need to verify that my skin is constructed properly. I see other issues now that tell me it’s not.

            I’ll let you know.

    • audumbar

      Hey if you areare offline u will have that prblm.. Add jquery.min.js to your assets/js/ and give a reference in your index.HTML.

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  15. Nicolas

    I love your sites so much its more than a blessing, but I’m afraid I have a problem, want to change the colour of the individual pages services section so that each page will have a different colour for that section because each of the time I tried doing it, it changes the colour in all other pages too. Same problem with with the social section containing Facebook , Twitter and instagram. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Hi Nicolas, Glad you like the themes.

      I don’t understand completely your problem. Whoever, I will try to answer based on what I think you are talking.

      The Social Logos:
      To change the background color of the social logos you have to modify in your main.css file this part:
      #sf .dg {
      background-color: #16a085;

      This is de Dark Green section. You have something similar (#sf .lg), that is the Light Green. This references also are in your html file. You can see on the Social Footer section of each page div classes with the assigned value. That is how you assign background colors to your social links.

      The Services Section:
      It is quite similar. You have in your main.css file this line of codes:

      #services {
      background: #1abc9c;
      margin-top: 25px;
      padding-top: 35px;
      padding-bottom: 35px;

      Change the background with your desired color.

      Hope this can help you.

      Good Luck!

      • Nicolas

        Thanks very much for your reply. This is what I will like to do. For social, would like yhe facebook portion to be blue , like face book, the twitter background to be twitter blue just like twitter, then the google plus would be red. But I find that wen I change that of Facebook to blue, google plus changes to blue to, seems its only that of twitter that the colour changes independently.

        For sevices section, the background changes site wide when I change the colour in one page, an example, if I change the bg color to blue on home page, all the pages’ services section too changes to blue. But I want different colors for different pages. I hope I have explained myself quite well.

        One last favour, I would like to categorise the portfolio sections so each would have a heading with pictures underneath, say categories like logos, websites, apps etc.

        Thanks so much for your invaluable support.

        • Hi Nicolas,

          As I mentioned before, you should change the values of the .dg & .lg with the colors of your choice. Also, you should create another class to define a new color, so you can have 3 different colors for each social icons.

          The same happens with the #services section. If you want a different background color, create another tag like #services2, copy the same parameters and change the background color value. In your htmls, find the DIV mentioning the tag and replace it with your new definition.

          Please, send me an email if you have doubts, I will try to help you.


          • Nicolas

            Thanks Alvarez, that should do it. I understand fully. And how about the categories for the portfolio? Thanks once again, you have been very helpful.

  16. Andy

    I am having trouble getting this theme installed into rails 4.
    The tags aren’t working? Do you know of a quick fix?

    • Andy

      I meant the i tags, the icons. I got them to show up using the font-awesome gem, but I am getting a javascript error.

      In line 94 of imagesloaded.js, the app can’t find EventEmitter.

      Is there a known fix for this?

      • Hi Andy,

        I don’t know much about Rails 4. I can’t help you if I can’t examine the site. Please, paste here or send me an email with your demo site and I will try to check your problem. Again, I am not a Rails user, I work on frontend designs only. Give me your link, I’ll check it.

  17. Matt

    Thanks so much. These are all great!

  18. robin

    this theme is so beautiful and amazing, i really love this! can I use this as my blog site?? 🙂

  19. Drake

    Hi. Your themes are beautiful. Thank you so much Alvarez !! 🙂

    I have a question. In the menu section ( the slider ), I want to add a large list. Now, the menu does not scroll, so I cannot accomodate a list to be viewed on a phone. I want the list to scroll within the menu. How can I do that?

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  23. Milly

    Great design!
    I’m just wondering if it’s also responsive?
    Thnak you!

    • Yes it is. Try to resize your browser or use some tool like to test the site in other devices. Thanks.

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  26. Tim Nicholson

    I really love this theme, especially the huge image and toggle nav bar. I’ve created a WordPress theme for it that is now approved and available for free download from the directory. You can check it out here and the link to download it is on that page as well. Thanks again to Carlos for such awesome web designs and releasing them for free!

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  28. John


    Great theme, all of the code works. However, When I display my site on smartphone resolution (Lumia 920 etc) the #headerwrap appears to bleed out of page width. The other divs appear same width just the header, in particular, the title. At first I thought it was an issue with .menu classes but it is not. Could it be a problem with body-push CSS classes? The whole page loads with a off canvas column of around 50px with #f2f2f2

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  30. Juan Carlos

    I love your work. I am using the Link theme and I recognize that my site is based on your work. Do you have a special requirement to do so?

    • No special requirement, just the proper attribution, could be a link to our site or a mention in your credits. Thanks and enjoy.

  31. Robert

    I’m stuck…well, my arrow in the menu is… The top right menu, when open, shows an arrow to show that – “hey – you can make this menu go away if you click up here”. When closed, it’s gone.

    In mine, it’s to the left of the menu icon and when you expand the menu – it goes even more to the left. can you see what I did wrong? It’s an MVC 5 app using this theme you made. I know I didn’t implement it correctly…

    The link above is the test site, as it’s not live yet.

    If you could poke at it…

    • Robert

      Funny – I just figured it out!

      I had an extra ‘pull left’ clause on the menu..

      • Robert

        body-push-toleft was the culprit

        I had:

        I took out body-push-toleft and all is good!

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  37. Shrikant

    Hey, Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing.

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  39. Rob Achmann

    I’ve finished my site and it’s now live. Your theme is in use there. If you’d like to check it out: The customer didn’t like some aspects like the default .7 image opacity until you hover over the category images. I had to add in my own blog system, and it could use some additional features still – like tags

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  41. Greg Fields

    Hi Carlos. Great theme! Can you point me to any documentation?

    If not, I do have a specific question regarding adding actions to buttons in this theme. See code example:
    See our Process

    As with other themes, including others great ones you have designed, to add some action on button press you would do the following:
    See our Process

    Unfortunately, this change makes the button colour look different than expected (white button text becomes too dark to see clearly).

    Thoughts? Note I’ve looked at the source of your other themes and the treatment of actions on button presses for the Link theme seems to differ than your others.

    Thanks in advance.

  42. rickswartzentrover

    Thanks for the great Theme. I have a question about the “headerwrap” section. I tried to change the JPG name in the main.css file from “header-bg1.jpg” to “header-bg2.jpg” to point to another JPG but it wouldn’t work. The only thing that happened was the “headerwrap” disappeared and only the background grayish color showed through. Is there another place where the “headerwrap” “header-bg1.jpg” is referenced?

    Again, Thanks for the Theme and thanks for making it free. It is nice to know somethings are still free on the web.

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  47. audumbar

    Beautiful theme but Menu bar is not working.
    Thank you.

    • audumbar

      Hey I solved it.. I wasnt connected to the Internet. I was using it on local host.!! Included jquery file locally. Working now.

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  49. AXJ

    Hi Carlos,

    Kopivosian (“hello”) from North Borneo! Very much in love with this theme, big cheers for making it available for everyone! I’ve just had it installed on my Tumblr blog but also noticed that the overall look is a bit different from the WP version – esp. the Latest Project, Latest Posts and Client sections. Is there anyway I can add those features in or maybe tweak the HTML to make it look more like the WP layout?

    Many thanks once again!

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  52. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there. This site ( is a WordPress site, though we have experience in Drupal and OrchardCMS as well. All are great choices if you have no coding experience and want to blog. My suggestion would be to find a theme you like (look around here! There are plenty!) and upload that to use to customize your “look.” Good luck and welcome to blogging!

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  54. Julie Parker

    Hi, so I love this theme and the Stanley theme and I joined them both together however for some reason on Tumblr when I click on the photo note and should be transferred to the next page the only thing displaying is the menu square, the code is empty :/, i have used the stanley theme for the main body, but the top and the bottom of the theme is from Linkr. Now, i have used the css and jquery of both themes and i put them together, could that be the issue? I have copied and edited both main css files and html files but nothing is working :/ maybe you could have a look 🙂 , thank you !:)

    • Hello :)

      Hi Julie,
      Your site didn’t come up when I checked. Broken link?

  55. Mor niane

    How to adapt the portofolio to mobile device because is not so responsive …excuse my english im a french

    • Hello :)

      Mor niane,

      What about the theme is not responsive on mobile? All our themes are built with the Bootstrap Framework and should already be responsive on mobile devices.