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  1. Josh

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing. But, why is there a white empty space when scroll to right. Can this we removed so there is no scrolling for left or right?

    • Stan

      Thanks for your hard work on these themes and for giving them away!

      I agree with Josh on this theme: Is there anyway to remove the scrollbar?

      I’m on a mac using latest version of chrome 🙂

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  3. Ofer

    You can add to style.css in line 46:

    This will fix the x scrolling

    • Stan

      Thank you Ofer, that seems to work 🙂

      • Stan

        Ha! I spoke too soon, anyone else having problems with the images no fading in like in the demo? The top image ‘graph’ fades in no problem but none of the side images are showing. I even direct linked the images and still a no-go….any ideas…anyone?

        • Asad Memon

          I think I am late, but adding these two rules to style.css fixed it for me:

          display: none;
          display: block;

          • Stan

            Oh thank you so much Asad, I will give it a try 🙂

            In the meantime I had just removed the slide feature of the template. Cheers

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  11. tymsam

    Great work! But I still can’t figure out how to get the images slide in automatically and loose the x scrolling to hide the white space… I’d really appreciate some feedback ; )

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