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    • Carlos Alvarez

      Glad you like it. Enjoy the themes!

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  3. KeuXeu

    Very nice.
    (I had problems to check the “Yes I want get the newsletter’ with Google Chrome)

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Yes, in some versions of Chrome, the form doesn’t work properly. Just click twice in the checkbox. You will be added to our newsletter. If you still have problems, please, try with another browser. Thank you.

      • Ami

        I’m having trouble too – can’t click the box in Chrome or Safari.

        • Carlos Alvarez


          Just double click on the box, don’t worry, you will be added to our newsletter. To download the link, use other email than icloud or outlook. They filtered our email (don’t know why).


  4. Frank

    This theme looks great. Any chance a wordpress version will be available?

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, we have some plans to convert in WP some of our themes. Kelvin gonna be one of them. I have no schedule time yet, but will be announced in some weeks. Thanks.

      • Dean Lloyd

        Hello there Carlos,

        Do you have a timeline for converting the Kelvin theme into a WP template?

  5. Dan Weaver

    Great templates. Thanks for making them free. Great starting point for many projects.

    Your download form is a bit fussy though. The checkbox doesn’t work at all in latest Chrome or Safari on Mac OS X Mountian Lion and the “enter your email once” thing doesn’t work either. If it’s setting a cookie it’s not working properly. Or maybe the wording just needs changing.

    Anyway, kudos on the designs.

    • Carlos Alvarez


      The form has some problems with a few versions of Chrome. To subscribe, just click twice the checkbox and you will be able to leave checked the fomr and you will be registered in our newsletter.

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Najib

    Great themes! Can i add on more row on the skills section? What file should i edit? Thanks!

    • Carlos Alvarez

      Hi, You only need to edit the index.html. Just copy and paste the 3 previous skills.

      Good Luck!

  7. alan

    Great!! Thank you so much.
    I have problems here.I want to add a link (align right,I think) on the navigation area.such as “Chinese”, so I can skip to my Chinese version resume.How can I do that?

    • I recommend you add a menu item, just like the others and if you don’t want to use a icon, just write the word and link to you Chinese version. If you want to add a link to this topbar you should add some styles to the link, because by default, if you add a link in this section, won’t see it right, also when you navigate the page with a mobile, your link will be out of the screen.

      Again, if you have not a little knowledge about CSS, the best is copy one line of the menu items and change their values to add a new menu option with your preferences.


  8. Radan

    Thanks a lot for this theme I love it.
    I see some issue. If I click on some of the item in top menu I am smoothscroll somewhere else. However, the first line in not complete. It scrolls a little bit below and the first line is partially cover. Both Chrome and IE do the same.
    What should I change it I what to stop above?

    • Pedro Martins

      Hi Radan,

      I had the same problem and fixed it by changing the last line of smoothscroll.js.

      Change this:
      jQuery(function($){ $.localScroll({filter:’.smoothScroll’}); });

      Into this:
      jQuery(function($){ $.localScroll({filter:’.smoothScroll’, offset:-20}); });

      Worked for me.
      Best Regards

      Thank you Blacktie, is an awesome template!

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  12. Felipe

    thank you very much for this free theme!

  13. Mia

    Hi, Thanks for a excellent free theme.

    How can I add the behance logo to the social links section?

  14. Raheem

    What websites does this theme and the others work on? I can;t seem to install them on blogger or tumblr. Is there a specific website that your themes only support? If so, what?

    • Hi, this themes are HTML+CSS only. Are designed to use directly with your hosting service. Some theme have specific versions for other platforms like Tumblr or WordPress. You can find this themes browsing the right menu in this site. Thanks.

  15. Jake

    Awesome webpage, for some reason I get the “Stylesheet is missing.” error when I try to use it!

  16. Jim

    very nice,you did a good job ,I appreciate it

  17. epomqo

    Many thanks for the excellent template!

    I just have one question about the layout of the pages: It seem when we make the window of the web browser narrower in width then things get a bit displaced. Is there a way to fix the layout design as shown above regardless of the width of the web browser window?

    • epomqo

      I realized that this is actually a feature of the Bootstrap CSS framework -:)

  18. Saba

    Thank you very much. I used it for my personal homepage. It is really nice.

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  20. Airton

    Excellent project, congrats!

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  22. xufu

    hello! I am xufu .nice to meet you. I want to have my web.I like this theme very much ,so,Can I have this address? Tank you!

  23. Marius

    Hi, could you tell the name of the social media icons? I would like to add a couple of more icons.

    best regards

  24. Moosey Goljenboom

    I downloaded this file but when I extract it there is nothing in it but a .txt file thanking me for downloading this file.

    • I checked the download file and works fine. Contains the thanks txt and also the folder with the HTML & CSS files. Please, download again the link or check for your security options. Some softwares like norton or nod32, block unknown content when is downloaded.

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  29. lecharles

    Hola Tocayo!

    I have a what i believe to be a basic troubleshoot. The “SKILL” component does not respond to the “value, color, color off” changes i make. When i refresh the page or test in a browser the charts are simply NOT there.
    Could you or anyone please point me to the right direction to correct this?

    signed: Carlos (LeCharles) The Newbie 🙂

  30. Alex


  31. Mark Sterrenberg

    Thank you so much for this! 🙂

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  33. Megan


    I found your design amazing, but I cannot load the download page. Do you have any clue?


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  35. cylan

    Thank you so much for these beautiful freebies. Loved it.

  36. Kalyan

    Hi , Thank you for this great work.
    i ran into a problem, hope you could help me.
    i tried to host it through google drive. everything works great except the font. i really like the font you worked on.

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  39. lily

    Thank you so much for these beautiful freebies. It’s good for me