DashGum – Free Dashboard

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Framework Used: Bootstrap 3.2

DashGum is a simple & elegant admin panel. It comes with 15 pages to start your panel as soon as possible.

With DashGum you have charts, tables, a lot of panels, calendars, notifications, to do lists and more. Grab our free theme and enjoy it.

If you need more, see our Premium Version with tons of features more. With 33 HTMLs and more than 40 plugins, the premium version comes with 4 different chart plugins, Email pages, Chat pages, maps, advanced forms and tables, file uploaders, inline editor, pricing tables, complete profile page and more.


Try It: Live Demo


Premium Version


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  1. Johnny

    Carlos, this is such an awesome free admin template. I can’t thank you enough for contributing such great design and templates to the design and web communities. You rock. Thanks.

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      • lily

        I change the browser, but I can not download! please tell me which browser?

        • Hello :)


          Which browser are you currently using?


  6. Roelof Wobben

    Can I have the logout button at the right side but not having the mail and notifications icons ?


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  8. Jayme

    can someone do a video or an article on how ot make an admin template with this theme?

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  10. Arnaldo Gabriel

    Thanks for this awesome template and for this great web site. Keep up the good work!

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  12. rit

    Hi! thanks for the nice admin theme, can i use this without the credit (given in footer by you)? on a commercial project?
    waiting for your response!

    • Please, read the THEMES About, regarding their licenses. You need to credit our site. You can do this in different ways. Thanks.

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  18. Sara


    Just one quick note. In the section about the author, it should say

    “…he develops sites using…”

    instead of

    “…he develop sites using…”

    The bootstrap theme is beautiful.


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  21. Salim Benchekroun

    Hi Carlos,
    This is an awesome theme, inspired me to build better and cleaner sites.
    I am trying to figure out the easiest way to integrate your theme to a rails app.
    The features you used would be great for RoR apps.
    Great job!!!!

  22. kikiki

    I love this theme.
    thank you for this theme.

    I have a question.
    when I test dashgum with my iphone-4s, the side menu is closed before I click the menu item for opening sub menu item.
    it works well on emulation mode of chrome browser.

    I want to know the solution


    • kikiki

      I found it.
      side menu is closed when I start to touch mouse down because it evoke resize event.
      so I commented javascript on common-scripts.js like this.

      //$(window).on(‘resize’, responsiveView);

      I think there should be more elegant solution but I have no idea.
      Thanks anyway.

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  24. Ahmet Gür

    This dashboard is awesome, thank you very much.

  25. prakash

    please kindly give me the documentation of this template:


  26. Ronak

    Thank you very much for your contribution. Its save my time. I really appreciate your work.

    Thanks for sharing.


  27. BWPThemes

    very nice thanks for this template dashboard.

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  29. Aguilar

    You are The Man! I’ll try to put it to work soon. =) Thanks for share your hard work! God reward you!

  30. Disha

    Can you tell me where is the pagination of table data please?

  31. Miguel Medina

    Hola, pregunta esta plantilla se puede usar en proyectos comerciales sin ningún problema ?

    • Hola Miguel, si puedes utilizarla en proyectos comerciales siempre que cumplas las normas de atribución, como se explica en “About Themes”. Gracias.

  32. Clément

    Great job !
    Is this theme compatible with IE8?

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  34. Adarsh Chacko

    Brilliant Job. Cotinue the good work.

    Carlos, just needed to ask you this. Do you have any more classes (in this theme) to create modal windows like the one, in this theme, used for displaying Welcome message.

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  38. Anupam Chatterjee

    Hi Carlos,

    I congratulate you on accomplishing such an astounding task. Great work! Please keep up the good work.


  39. raj

    awesome work i really like it…………….

  40. Nana Yaw

    Best thing I found on the internet all day

  41. Chris

    Carlos, this is such an awesome free admin template. I can’t thank you enough for contributing such great design and templates to the design and web communities. You rock. Thanks.

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  46. Shrikant

    Can i use it for commercial purpose?

  47. Uğur

    Hi Carlos,

    I use it my website admin panel,your DashGum theme. I use it. ? You say. ?


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  51. Zahid Efe

    That’s Awesome Man 😀 Thanks You 😀

  52. Sunil


    Firstly, thanks for this awesome theme. Looks great!

    I am trying to use this with a rails app. I am not able to get the icons to work.

    Any suggestions? I have copied the fonts, lineicons folders to the assets folder.

    What else do I need to change to make it display the icons?

    Thanks and regards,

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  54. Fish

    I’ve spotted a bug in IE (certainly in 10, not sure about others). When resizing the screen so that the sidebar vanishes when the screen is resized so that it appears again, the navigation options no longer are visible. This is replicable when collapsing the navbar and then resizing the screen to small then large and then showing the sidebar…

    This does not happen in the latest version of Chrome.

  55. Jasson

    How can I make the login work? I can’t add PHP without it loosing the design!

    • Hello! What is the issue you’re having? You should be able to add PHP to the theme without breaking any design. If you’d like to send an email to hello@blacktie.co, I can assist you in more detail!

  56. thqy39

    thanks for your themes!I love it

  57. ayadi

    thank you man for being so generous!
    keep up the good work.

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  62. JM

    hello. thanks for this super awesome template.
    can you please tell me how can I use the datepicker with this template.
    the form page does not contain any datepicker field.

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  68. mim

    hi there!
    at first! thank you for contributing such great template!
    for some reason I need to move the sidebar from left (where it is now!) to right.
    I change toggle click event in “common-scripts.js” file. what other changes should I do for this?

    best regards, mahdi

  69. Nagababu

    Great Design for free Thanks

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  73. Daniel

    Hi. This is a great theme. Have you noticed that when on a mobile device, when you open the left side menu and scroll up or down, the menu disappears. Any idea how to prevent that?

    • Hello :)


      Thanks! However, I don’t seem to be having that issue on mobile. Possibly it’s a file that got changed while you were working with the theme?

  74. Guy from Malaysia

    Thank you very much Carlos!

    • Hello :)

      Thanks for the download Guy from Malaysia! 🙂