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Appi is a sleek landing page designed to show your next app, site or product. With a fresh style & minimal design, you can show off your next product with confidence.

Appi - Free Bootstrap Theme 2015-08-24 20-27-19Try it: Live Demo

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  1. Bruno

    Nice work! I’ll probably be using this for a couple of my websites.

  2. Bashar

    i am sorry for the mess
    i thought it’s just preview and i didn’t think it would leave my comment, i didn’t know how to remove that.

    great job and very nice themes, i am concidering to use some of them in future

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  5. Sluque

    Where are the icons of take and how can I do to change it?

    • Hello :)

      You can use any font icon set you’d like – just reference it in the head of the page!

  6. Johnny


    When I am viewing the site from a small device and I click the hint-arrow to scroll, it scrolls past the text slightly. Any idea why?

    Thanks for a great template btw!

    • Hello :)

      It looks at the top of the section you are scrolling to and puts that at the top of the screen. We’re glad you like it! 🙂

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  8. Lukas PLevac

    Good day before , I would like to say that this is really a hilarious job and I would ask creches can remove BLACKTIE.CO from the bottom of the page about.

    • vikram

      yes same question from my side do i need to give a credit link to balck tie ? is that mandatory ?

      • Hello :)

        No need to give credit, but tell your friends!

        • vikram

          Yes sure i am sharing this link with my friends so, they can use of
          so is this themes are all under MIT ? can i use for commercial ? means to my private clients dealing with hotel properties..Can i use it ?

        • vikram

          All themes are under MIT ?

  9. Lukas

    Good day I suppose that even the pictures are free for commercial use . Is that so?

    • Hello :)


      Yes the pictures included are yours to use, should you wish to do so. 🙂

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  11. vikram

    Are these them are under MIT can i use it for multiple websites to my customers ?

  12. Eric

    Great work and nice theme…
    how do i get more icons?

    • Hello :)

      Hi Eric,

      There are plenty of icon sets that you can supplement online, fontawesome is one of our favorites. It guides you through how to install and implement icons into your site.

  13. Lu

    Unable to use on WordPress theme upload. Getting missing stylesheet error. What is fix?

    also do you have any other themes with video background?


    • Hello :)

      Hi Lu,

      The solution to this problem is to unzip the file download and to zip and upload the Appi file directly within that main folder.