Collapsible Links Library

We here at BlackTie are branching out a bit in our Bootstrap designs. Instead of a theme, welcome our first Plugin – available for purchase at CreativeMarket and EnvatoMarket! The Collapsible Link Library is a WordPress Plug-in with lots of uses. By creating Categories – and selecting the icon and color! – you can insert as many links as you’d like to each category.

Built with Bootstrap v 3.3.6, the plugin is mobile responsive so it looks great on every screen size and uses the jQuery Gridder for expanding and collapsing the categories. It also uses Font Awesome as the icon set – however allows you to link to any icon set you’d like!

FrontClosed FrontOpen BackCategories

Try it: Live Demo

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  1. Susan

    Thanks for this! This is a great plugin, very useful and great price. It would be nice, though, if you could set-up more than one library (or else, parse your library into groups – so that you could have one set running on one page and another set running on another page).

    • Hello :)

      Great suggestion! That’s something we will definitely look into!

  2. Michael Stuart

    It breaks WordPress screen options!