A New Era

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.

If this is true, Carlos Alvarez is definitely courageous. He has sold BlackTie to move on to other projects and pursue his dreams in an unfamiliar place. Good luck Carlos – we wish the absolute best for you! What he is leaving behind, we here at Tin Can Technologies are thrilled to be taking over. We have made it our mission to continue providing handsome and beautifully crafted Bootstrap based themes for all.

So cheers to the end, the beginning and the continuation of the best Bootstrap-based Theme brand there is!

Tin Can Technologies is a custom software development and design company. We love all things design related – fonts, icons, design trends, you name it, we love it! We firmly believe in responsive design and perfect user experiences for all. Learn More: TinCanTechnologies.Com

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  1. Peter Wyknowicz

    You mean “off the familiar”, not “of”, right? (Regarding the text on the starred sky)

    Thanks for the beautiful themes, though 😛

    • Locum

      No, he doesn’t, because that would be meaningless.